Rain! Tea! and some Mirchi! 😍

Ah.. what an awesome evening it was!! 

What can make your day any better than getting drenched in a heavy rain!! After working whole day inside an office cubicle!! 

The most relieving thing .. enjoyed it thoroughly!! Wanna know how?? 

Here it goes like this! 

I stepped out of my office at around 7.30 pm. Hopeful to reach home a little early and enjoy my evening snacks!! ( Sounds a little funny to know how can one have snacks around 7.30 late evening?? Well that’s how it is usually with me! πŸ˜‰ )

Okay! This was what I initially thought to do! But, destiny had a different plan in store for me! 

I came out, reached the parking lot. Just to find out at that it will start raining heavily in no time and I will for sure get wet in rain! 

First thought struck my mind! I should get going and if at all get caught then also it’s fine will somehow manage and I left from the place! 

A little farther,  this is what happened! I am totally stuck in heavy rain! Neither can I move ahead nor can I take a U turn and take a different route! Roads are damn blocked! 

Then, 10 to 15 mins later I see that I have not moved even an inch from the place where I was stuck! 

The best part of it was I had started enjoying being stuck there in between the heavy traffic, heavy rain (you’ll might think this guy has gone for a toss!)

But, this is what actually happened! Then I made up my mind. 

Inner voice within me told me this ( Anyhow your stuck and in next 30 to 60 minutes there is no chance of you to sneak out from here! )

And so I started to see around if there is any tea stall nearby to stop and enjoy the best combination ever of having a hot cup of tea when it’s heavily raining out there! β˜•οΈ

Guess what?? 

I was lucky enough to get a king combination of Hot Tea and Mirchi (Famous South Indian snack) and my favourite as well!! 

What next?? I savoured the flavour of snacks in the midst of heavy rains!! And checked to see that rain was not taking any steps to slow down!  

But, finally the traffic was getting reduced to a certain extent! So I decided to start my road trip of reaching my home!

Conclusion: Out there, rain never stopped! But, I reached my home. Happily drenched! 

Just to bring it to your notice! Usually my ride from office to home takes about 30 minutes at the max! 

But, today was a special rainy day! It took me 1 hour 45 minutes roughly! πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoyed reading this sneak peak of my rainy ride this evening! 

Happy Reading! ☺️


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