Why is it said that the hardest battle you’ll ever fight is with yourself? Is it really so hard to get over yourself?

Well, the hardest battle you will ever have to fight is between who you are now and who you want to be!


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Let me try to sort this out in a very simple way!

Why do you think you even fight with yourself about anything for that matter?

According to me, what we really try to do is. Try to be someone who we are really not!

Sounds crazy?

Denying that this isn’t actually the true reason for the battle?

Well, this may differ from person to person. But, in most of the cases you see that this actually is the reason for the battle that takes place within your-self!

You always want to fit yourself in the crowd. Be it in any environment you’re in! Be it college, workplace or any other place! You always want yourself to be accepted by others. You never want yourself to be ignored, left out or to be felt alone in the whole crowd of humans that you live with!

There are so many articles out there to try to overcome the battle you go through within yourself. So let me tell you just a simple thing that you should be doing to overcome the battle within your-self and what do you think it is?

It is just that.

You should understand the simple fact!

“It is okay to be yourself”

It is okay to be the way you are with everyone! It is okay to talk the way you like to! It is okay to speak out and just be the way you are!

It is when you do this, you are not bluffing yourself. You are not trying to be someone who are actually not!

It is only at this point you start realizing the fact that when you start being Real!

You eventually start winning your battle within yourself! People will definitely start loving you and excepting you the way are!

By being Real! Major advantage that we get is. You eventually find the right set of people for yourself. When I say right set of people, it means like-minded people (the one’s who think like you and there choices are similar to yourself!)

By doing all of this. There you go! Without you even realizing it!

You have won the battle for yourself!

β€œIt is Zen practice that you gain power, balance, and wisdom. The battles that you fight are within your own mind. That is where the real victories and defeats are.”

– Frederick Lenz

So decide! You want to win it? or You want to be defeated? Choice is yours!

But, do prefer to win always! πŸ™‚

Was this article of any help to you? Is there anything that I missed in this article? Please feel free to drop your feedback in comments section below!

Happy Reading! πŸ™‚

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