Child in you.


When I woke up this morning, suddenly one thing struck my mind by seeing the calendar in front of me.

Today is 14th November! ☺️

The day very special to every child in India. It’s celebrated as “Children’s Day” on the birthday of Cha-cha ‘Jawahar Lal Nehru’.

When I realized it is “Children’s Day” today! The first thing I did was went and wished my Mom in kitchen.

“Happy Children’s Day to the child in you” Mom! 💐

Well, yeah! I’ll take this time to share one important thing to everyone out there!

There is child within each and everyone of us! We should never let the child within us die at any moment in our life.

Instead! We should always embrace it. Nurture it. Bring that out to life whenever possible and enjoy with it.

With these few things said. I would like to wish everyone in this world! Whoever is reading my post! Not just in India. But, across the globe.

A very very “Happy Children’s Day” to the child in you! ☺️

Happy Reading! ☺️

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