We all have conflicts with the one’s we love and care about the most!

Let’s first think why will this conflict ever occur?

It is the only reason because of which most of the conflicts occur nowadays.

Fine, we know these conflicts occur because of expectations. But, what happens later is important.

What do you do when you come across such conflicts?

Best thing to do at that time is. Give it a thought why did anything like that happened? Once you do that, make an honest attempt to speak clearly and openly with the person with whom you are having any conflict.

Eventually talking openly with the people you care and love eases out all the conflicts when you step in to talk 50% of the conflict is already solved and when you make an honest attempt to clear the conflict by having a thought to make the other person understand what you’re saying or vice versa. The conflict will for sure get resolved.

To keep it very simple and straight!

Let me explain with a short example. Consider there are 2 people by name Eric and Jennifer! They both are best of friends. They love to hang out with each other and have a very good bonding.

One fine day, Lets say.

Day 1: Eric fails meeting Jennifer’s expectation of wishing her on her Birthday for some reason!

Jennifer is now hurt that Eric missed wishing him on her Birthday!

Day 2: Now, Jennifer is waiting for Eric to realize it and convince her about it. But, Eric is stuck with some really unavoidable work because of which Eric is not able to contact Jennifer or talk her on her B’day and the very next day of her B’day!

If you understand, Jennifer is already deeply hurt. Conflict in her mind has already rooted too deep and she is completely involved into it.

Day 3: Eric meets Jennifer and greets her a belated birthday wishes! Explains Jennifer about the situation he was into. Because of which it was not possible for him to wish her on her B’day!

If you closely observe what just happened. All the conflicts that was running around in Jennifer’s mind disappeared because Eric made an attempt to talk with Jennifer of what exactly was the problem because of which he couldn’t meet her expectations!


One should always try to understand each other point of view when your into conflicts and avoid getting into defensive mode. but, instead try understanding each others point of view.

Eventually, conflicts get resolved and happy time continues to flourish thereafter!

How many of you encounter such situations? Do you go out there and speak with one you have any conflicts? Is this how even you resolve your conflicts?

Please stop by and comments your thoughts on it! 🙂

Happy Reading! 🙂


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