Just & Only.

First post after a long time! 🙂 Hope you all will agree with what I have penned down.

We often try taking somethings too lightly.

I just heard about this in one of the videos I was watching today morning. How important are these two words “Just” and “Only” in everything that we do.

Hard to believe. But it’s so true that these words have much greater impact on what we do.

For Example: Let me take the same example I heard of which made sense to me.

It’s Just a Game / It’s Only a Job! – Sounds so unimportant, also feels like it’s not that important for the one saying it.

On the other hand.

Its Just a Game / Its Only a Job!  (Read this without the word Just / Only in it) – Sounds so important, feels it’s really important for the one saying it.

Because there will be somebody else who will be waiting for such Game/ Job and turn it into a Career. Unlike the one who is playing a Game or doing a Job just for the sake of doing it.

Sometimes, these words will also end up being a trap in disguise!

Yes, remember anytime telling to yourself?

  • Let me try smoking Just one Cigarette! (Consequence – Many end up smoking it for lifetime)
  • Let me hang on Instagram/Facebook Only for 5 mins and then I’ll get back to my studies! (Consequence – You don’t turn up to your studies for a much longer time maybe even an hour or more)

Falling prey to these words, we all sometime or the other usually will be a victim of such decisions. It show mentally strong are you in taking a firm decision.

Be sure on what you’re doing. Be firm in what you want to do. Just don’t fall a prey to these words over and over again!

Is there anything that I have missed on? Please feel free to share your thoughts on this by using the comments section below!

Happy Reading! 🙂


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