As for now. Regrets are part and parcel of every one of our lives. But, the question is. Do they really need to be part mine or your life anyway?!

How many us do we really know we will regret for something that we did (at the time of actually doing it, be it anything) or failed to do (something that we wanted to do) in the past?

Not really right?

Yes, it’s for that moment.. in the heat of the moment you end up doing something that you may love or hate later! Or, You may also end up not doing something that you actually wanted to do. But, failed to do because of various reasons like may it be financial, mental or any reason for that matter.

For that instance, If you love what you did and realize that everything was good and you loved it at the end of day. Fair enough. All is cool and life is awesome.

But, what if you hate what you did sometime ago and you realize you shouldn’t have done it. Or, For that matter. You feel that you should have done something before hand and now your feeling all bad and uneasy for not doing something.

Now? how do you react to it? Get sad, depressed, feel low.. thinking that you shouldn’t have done it and all? Well, all these thoughts are practical enough that do gush through our mind.

Here is the trick, instead of dealing it in a way of regret and feel all low and sad for all those things. Why don’t you try taking it in a whole lot of different aspect and take it to be a life lesson and get positive on it.

It’s fine, to do something and realize later you shouldn’t have done it. (But, remember not to repeat the same thing again and again)

It’s fine, to not do something and realize you should have actually done it. (But, be sure of doing what it takes to do all that you actually wanted to over the period of time)

When you start taking all the regrets as part of learning and move on with your life. It’s then when you start enjoying it rather than feeling all low and sad. Would like to end this note after I quote the beautiful statement by Jennifer Aniston.

There are no regrets in Life. Just lessons.  ~ Jennifer Aniston

Thanks for reading it. Hope you agree with it. If not, please feel free to share your views. Let’s come into agreement on the thoughts and make justice to the things I have tried to share. So that everyone will be benefited from it.

Share your views if you have liked it! πŸ™‚

Happy Reading πŸ™‚

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