An Arrow.

Action of an Arrow speaks a lot by itself. For it to be shot. It always requires to be pulled backwards first, to the maximum possible extent and then release it to reach its desired destination.

This is such a beautiful illustration for you and me. To understand the basic fact about Life. Most importantly. In times when you feel. You had it enough. You can’t bear this pain of struggle, irritation, frustration anymore.

Hold yourself for a moment. Give it a thought. Think for a while why do you think all this happening with you. Is there any reason or purpose behind it.

When you decode it. You start realizing. Life has something beautiful and wonderful in-store for you.

It is then. When you should say to yourself.

When life is dragging me back with difficulties. It means, it’s going to launch me to something great and wonderful.

Moral: When life drags you back with any possible difficulties. Be sure, you are about to be launched to something great in your life. So, all you need to do is. Stay focused no matter what and keep aiming.

Happy Reading! 🙂


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