Fear of Replacement.

Don’t you all feel. It is really true. Everyone at some point. Come across this fear of being replaced. Be it among your friends at school, college. Be it among your colleagues at office. Be it among any group of people whom you would never want to lose.

It’s okay. It’s nothing-but-natural. Sometimes even if you are not like that. Back of your mind. Inevitably you start thinking in that direction.

But, the fact is. There is no necessity or any requirement for you to have any fear of being replaced or forgotten. All you need to do is understand a very simple fact. No matter who you are connected with. Be it anyone your friends, colleagues or anyone. If you are really connected. You should never fear about being replaced.

Because. If a person is really connected with you or you are connected with someone. It’s a bond that gets generated which can never be broken unless you break it on purpose.

In the course of being anxious and fearful of being replaced. More often it so happens that you tend to break the bond on your own. By reacting to unnecessary circumstances. By being anxious about something unwanted or not so necessary thing related to the person with whom your fearful from being replaced with.

So, it’s always advisable to go with the flow. Trust your intuition. Believe in Time. These will definitely help you overcome all these anxiety, restlessness, fear-fullness of being replaced.

Trust the bond because of which your connected with one another. Believe in your intuition and timing. Rest will fall in its place. For sure. You will overcome the fear of being replaced.

I have put-forth my thoughts about this fear that almost every one of us will come across at-least once in our life. Do let me know your thoughts and views on the same.

Happy Reading! πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Fear of Replacement.

  1. So true….we all have this fear of being replaced at some point in our life…and rightly said…we should trust our intuition and the bond that we share and all the things will fall into place .
    Relatable post.
    Keep writing 😊

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  2. yesyoucan111 says:

    What a great post. And I think what happens when you get this fear of replacement, I don’t think it’s so much that you don’t trust the other person. I think the answer lays much closer, in oneself. That you in those curcumstances don’t value or trust yourself. It is dificult to feel secure in every moment. But wotrth working on. An excellent post!

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  3. Hi, Richard, I just came across your blog and found it amazing. The topics of your blog are so relatable. I agree with what you’ve written here but I’ve also observed that sometimes you get more connected or attached to a person than they are to you. It all goes downhill from there.

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