It’s hard to believe. How days pass by and memories accumulate. It is already a year past day. It still feels so fresh. All the gush I was going through and trying hard to introduce and welcome a new member to our family.

After a toil of almost many months. Finally, the day had come. It was 27th January 2017.

Today, I would like to pin this memory on my blog with this article. As a sense of gratitude and satisfaction.

The day which had brought a thousand smiles to my entire family. Specially, the glimpse of content and happiness my mom and sis had on their face was immense.

Little did anyone knew. It would happen so soon. But, there it was.

“Walk of Faith” it was. My brand new Car.

I know some might feel whats a big deal in buying a car these days. It’s all so simple and straight forward. Why do you need to brag so much about it.

But, for many out there it is still a big milestone. Buying a Car on your own. It is a sense of accomplishment.

It was onlyΒ possible because of unshaken faith and belief we had in Lord almighty. If it was not for his blessings and mercy on me and my family all the hard work and efforts I put in would be of no use.

Moral: It takes a lot of time to do everything on your own. But, if you cast your burden on him and let him know your wishes and dreams. He will take care of everything that comes and accomplishes it for you even before you could think of doing it.


22 thoughts on “Gratitude.

  1. turning20web says:

    Having faith in Lord almighty is important.
    If we do our work honestly then god will take care of the rest 100%.
    We just need to be truthful and dedicated to the work/study we do.
    As in India we say “karma”.
    Sending positive vibes πŸ’«

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