I always believe if you have anything in your mind and your doubtful about it.

Introspect. If at all you do introspect. Then be happy about it. Undoubtedly you’re in the right track. Because when you do and listen to your good inner voice. Your saved from committing any mistake or sin against god.

If not, then your bound to do a mistake or something that is not right by listening to your bad inner voice and commit mistake or sin against god.

All that I expressed above. Is because of the statement I heard from my brother when he said yesterday evening during healthy discussion about word of god.

If you’re a person led by Holy Spirit you will not do anything contrary to it in your day-to-day life.

So if you’re not introspecting yourself before doing something. Be it anything lawful or unlawful. Think about it. Start introspecting and listen to your good inner voice. Be sure. Things will change. Blessings will flow and good things are bound to happen.

Happy Reading 😊

Good & Bad Inner Voice.

There lived this cute couple.

These two never used to speak with each other face to face except for that of phone calls and texts (Though they both were from the same city)

Talking over the call and text were the only means of communication for there rescue. (As they both studied in two different colleges in different cities)

(You can for sure imagine the gush of thoughts and emotions flowing through in any long distance relationships rite)

Same was the case with these two as they had controlled their desire to meet each other for almost many years.

Even after having mixed feelings, anxiety and many more temptations of lust and so on.

Love for each other and maturity they had developed over the period of time being in such relationship surpassed every other thing they were going through.

Amidst all this they somewhere knew about one rock solid fact which was the sole reason for them to overcome every temptation they came across in their relationships.

(They knew)

God is the one who should have control of their lives and they cannot do it on their own.

If they wished to. They could have taken the steering of their lives and fallen a prey for every temptations they came across. But, even though they almost were about to fall for it. In reality they never really got into the trap of temptations and got saved from it.

It’s true. Every one will always have two inner voices. One which prompts you to do all the things that are good for you. The other which prompts you to do all the things that are bad or not so good for you.

Moral: It is always under your control as to which voice do you want to listen and act upon. If your wise enough to decide on this. Be sure you have won most of the battles for the rest of your life.

Disclaimer: I have tried to explain the confusion about listening to inner voice within you. You cannot actually blame saying you couldn’t control yourself for no matter whatever reason it might be.

Fact is if you actually controlled, you listened to the good inner voice. If you couldn’t control then you have probably listened to your bad inner voice.

Hope so I have made my point clear through this short story. Please feel free to express your views on the same using the comments section below.

Happy Reading. 🙂

Sleepless Nights.

These days it’s very common to see teenagers and toddlers in middle age (Bachelor’s) undergo this situational sleepless nights.

Basically, because every one of us feel we are being sandwiched between various situations in and around us.

We barely know anything about it. In the process of getting answers. We tend to question ourselves in many ways. Some of them are very common to everyone of us.

Whatever is happening in my life. Is it really required.

Do I really know anything about it or no.

Why am I even in this situation.

Why can’t I lead a normal life.

Sometimes. Even after knowing everything. It is really not easy to ACCEPT certain facts.

It is because of this very reason. I feel you or me whoever is undergoing this situation. Must understand and try overcoming it with shear determination and strong will.

To really ACCEPT certain things.

Even though you may or may not like it at the moment. But, if your destined to accept it. Then only when you do accept. It is then you observe that your sleepless nights are turned into much more peaceful nights.

If you guys too agree with above said thoughts about many such sleepless night we often go through. Please feel free to drop your comments or feedbacks in the comments section below.

Happy Reading. 🙂

Fear of Replacement.

Don’t you all feel. It is really true. Everyone at some point. Come across this fear of being replaced. Be it among your friends at school, college. Be it among your colleagues at office. Be it among any group of people whom you would never want to lose.

It’s okay. It’s nothing-but-natural. Sometimes even if you are not like that. Back of your mind. Inevitably you start thinking in that direction.

But, the fact is. There is no necessity or any requirement for you to have any fear of being replaced or forgotten. All you need to do is understand a very simple fact. No matter who you are connected with. Be it anyone your friends, colleagues or anyone. If you are really connected. You should never fear about being replaced.

Because. If a person is really connected with you or you are connected with someone. It’s a bond that gets generated which can never be broken unless you break it on purpose.

In the course of being anxious and fearful of being replaced. More often it so happens that you tend to break the bond on your own. By reacting to unnecessary circumstances. By being anxious about something unwanted or not so necessary thing related to the person with whom your fearful from being replaced with.

So, it’s always advisable to go with the flow. Trust your intuition. Believe in Time. These will definitely help you overcome all these anxiety, restlessness, fear-fullness of being replaced.

Trust the bond because of which your connected with one another. Believe in your intuition and timing. Rest will fall in its place. For sure. You will overcome the fear of being replaced.

I have put-forth my thoughts about this fear that almost every one of us will come across at-least once in our life. Do let me know your thoughts and views on the same.

Happy Reading! 🙂

Cold Coffee & French Fries.

Let me tell you a short story of Cold Coffee aka CC and French Fries aka FF 😀


CC will meet FF after a very long time. Irony of CC & FF is though these two are very close in reality but far off when it comes to face to face talks. Best of its kind. Short story of not so long but a short distance relationship of CC & FF.


CC meets FF after a very long time in a coffee shop. The excitement they both carried was unmatchable. They couldn’t resist any distance between each other anymore and exchanged a tight hug which lasted for much longer time than usual in absolute silence.

Amidst this serene moment between CC and FF. There comes a noise from background.

(No more silence in the place)

CC asks FF if she is ok with the background noise. FF in a smiling tone said. If our conversation continues amidst all the background noise I will be perfectly alright. And the noise from background now knew what they needed and just left them all alone again.

And both started their conversation again. Both went on talking and talking like they would never get to meet each other again.

Amidst their conversation little did they know when CC ate complete french fries and FF drank whole of cold coffee without there notice.

Because of the immense noise around. There came a time where they decided to end their conversation.

But. By now they knew that they ate and drank each other so much so and it is impossible for them to end but had to and so came to a mutual conclusion.

And at the end. They leave it on time to decide whether their conversation will have any meaning to it or not.

But the conversation continued forever ❤️


Just to bring it to your notice. All this time I was using the metaphors to describe the love story of an adorable couple.

Coffee shop = Life.

Cold Coffee = Boy.

French Fries = Girl.

Conversation = Love.

Noise from background = People surrounding them be it friends, relatives and so on.

No more silence in place = Frustrations and Restlessness between the two.

Ate & Drank without there notice = Understanding each other to such an extent without even noticing about the very fact of how much they know each other.

Noise around = Situations and Circumstances in front of them.

Meaning to it = Togetherness forever.

© Richard Peter



Well, it’s true. I know the topic of this article seems to be a little funny on its own! 😀 But, request you’ll to bear with me for this. Hope you will like it once your done reading it.

To be frank. I got this thought of writing something on “Chutney” when I was eating “Dosa” today morning. For a moment, I felt it to be so true.

It’s for sure. Every one of us will be having ups and downs rite. Happy and sad moments undoubtedly will be there.

But, on the contrary. I Just gave it a thought. How would it be. If I had a life which neither had any happiness nor sadness in it [In short: No emotions]. If I had a life where there were neither ups nor downs in it [How on earth would I even understand the true essence of life]. 

Having said all this. When I thought about having a “Dosa” without “Chutney”. I jumped into my imaginary world. And started imagining and started considering Breakfast, Dosa and Chutney to actually be metaphors.

Breakfast: Life

Dosa: Me

Chutney: Mixture of all things that happen to me during the course of my Life

It’s a complete cycle. Only when all these three are in place. Everything is just perfect. If one misses out. Rest others will have no meaning to it. 

In short. Life is complete only when you have got all the mixture of things that happen along side your day-to-day activities. So, Remember.

Only, if Chutney is there with Dosa. Meal will definitely be appetizing and delightful. 

Disclaimer: Based on my personal experience. I have just tried to be a little creative in expressing my thought about how life is tasteless if there is no proper mixture of situations and memories to it.


It’s Okay.

Do you anytime feel that people you are surrounded with will never know you. They are not living up to your expectations. What you want people to do. They are not doing it for you.

All trouble. All Agony. Battle is going around in your mind. Your are not able to focus in your day-to-day activities.

Why do you think this will happen. It’s because, you need to understand this. Any third person for that matter will not be knowing much about your journey. Even if they know. Possible chances that they might have faced even more struggle and troublesome times. That, whatever your going through might seem to be very small in front of it.

When such things happens. You tend to break down. You feel no one pays any attention to you. People around hardly pays any attention to you.

So, what can be done for it. Sit back and worry. Get depressed. No. Never.

Instead. Don’t worry much. Rather, Be StrongBe courageous. Don’t Breakdown. Don’t Give-up. Say to yourself.

It’s Okay.

It’s Okay, Every other person will not understand my Journey.

It’s Okay, Every other person have their own problems in their life to look after.

It’s Okay, I need to start paying attention to myself.

It’s Okay, I will look after to my problems and deal with it.

It’s Okay, I am strong enough to take care of my self.

It’s Okay, I love myself more from this day on-wards!

Moral: When you start believing in yourself. No matter what comes in your way. Any problem. Any disappointments. Be sure. Everything will just seem like it is nothing but a pea in a pot. You can overcome it with ease and much greater confidence. 

So, It’s okay. Believe in yourself. Never Give up 😊

If at all you feel, that above post did connect with you. Feel free to drop your thoughts on this in the comments section below. Show your gesture of love towards me with likes and shares 🙂

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An Arrow.

Action of an Arrow speaks a lot by itself. For it to be shot. It always requires to be pulled backwards first, to the maximum possible extent and then release it to reach its desired destination.

This is such a beautiful illustration for you and me. To understand the basic fact about Life. Most importantly. In times when you feel. You had it enough. You can’t bear this pain of struggle, irritation, frustration anymore.

Hold yourself for a moment. Give it a thought. Think for a while why do you think all this happening with you. Is there any reason or purpose behind it.

When you decode it. You start realizing. Life has something beautiful and wonderful in-store for you.

It is then. When you should say to yourself.

When life is dragging me back with difficulties. It means, it’s going to launch me to something great and wonderful.

Moral: When life drags you back with any possible difficulties. Be sure, you are about to be launched to something great in your life. So, all you need to do is. Stay focused no matter what and keep aiming.

Happy Reading! 🙂



First Day of 2018. New Beginning. New Year. Start a fresh. What is that first thing most of us will think of when it comes to New Year?


Exactly. It’s quiet common that most of us will set some goals or plans and name it as our resolution for this year. To cite a few examples based on my own experience would be.

  • I will definitely hit gym every single day from now on.
  • I will wake up early in the morning every day.
  • I should never be late to office and many more.

To tell you the fact. Almost every one of us do set some resolutions. But, how many of us. Actually follow and execute them?

I agree. To that fact that it’s never a cake walk to implement any new plans. Nut, at the same time it’s not impossible too. All it needs is sheer determination and motivation by your own-self. Until and unless, you don’t motivate yourself to push your limits and strive to achieve all that you have planned to. Thing’s will remain the same.

This new year. My resolution would be very straight forward. I have some personal goals (which I would refrain from sharing it on my blog) maybe when it’s time to share I would definitely do. Pardon me for not sharing it at this moment 🙂

But, honestly I am hopeful that I will achieve them in a period of a year or two for sure. I can say this because I believe in my father almighty. He will help me and guide me to achieve all that I have planned to and help me fulfill my resolutions in a much faster pace.

I can say this because I have known what the power Christ bestowed on me and my family all through these years.

Having said this. Would like to let everyone who is reading this article know one true fact. Never feel low if something you have planned is not getting executed. Be sure of this, every new year will bring you 12 new chapters and 365 new chances. (I will talk about this in my upcoming post) 

No matter what resolution you have set for this year. Be determined. Be motivated. Make an ardent attempt to accomplish what you planned for. Because the joy you get when you accomplish something is unmatchable.

I hope every one of you will accomplish all that you have planned and feel the real joy of accomplishment.

Happy Reading! 🙂


As for now. Regrets are part and parcel of every one of our lives. But, the question is. Do they really need to be part mine or your life anyway?!

How many us do we really know we will regret for something that we did (at the time of actually doing it, be it anything) or failed to do (something that we wanted to do) in the past?

Not really right?

Yes, it’s for that moment.. in the heat of the moment you end up doing something that you may love or hate later! Or, You may also end up not doing something that you actually wanted to do. But, failed to do because of various reasons like may it be financial, mental or any reason for that matter.

For that instance, If you love what you did and realize that everything was good and you loved it at the end of day. Fair enough. All is cool and life is awesome.

But, what if you hate what you did sometime ago and you realize you shouldn’t have done it. Or, For that matter. You feel that you should have done something before hand and now your feeling all bad and uneasy for not doing something.

Now? how do you react to it? Get sad, depressed, feel low.. thinking that you shouldn’t have done it and all? Well, all these thoughts are practical enough that do gush through our mind.

Here is the trick, instead of dealing it in a way of regret and feel all low and sad for all those things. Why don’t you try taking it in a whole lot of different aspect and take it to be a life lesson and get positive on it.

It’s fine, to do something and realize later you shouldn’t have done it. (But, remember not to repeat the same thing again and again)

It’s fine, to not do something and realize you should have actually done it. (But, be sure of doing what it takes to do all that you actually wanted to over the period of time)

When you start taking all the regrets as part of learning and move on with your life. It’s then when you start enjoying it rather than feeling all low and sad. Would like to end this note after I quote the beautiful statement by Jennifer Aniston.

There are no regrets in Life. Just lessons.  ~ Jennifer Aniston

Thanks for reading it. Hope you agree with it. If not, please feel free to share your views. Let’s come into agreement on the thoughts and make justice to the things I have tried to share. So that everyone will be benefited from it.

Share your views if you have liked it! 🙂

Happy Reading 🙂