We all have conflicts with the one’s we love and care about the most! Let’s first think why will this conflict ever occur? Expectations! It is the only reason because of which most of the conflicts occur nowadays. Fine, we know these conflicts occur because of expectations. But, what happens later is important. What do […]


Why is it said that the hardest battle you’ll ever fight is with yourself? Is it really so hard to get over yourself? Well, the hardest battle you will ever have to fight is between who you are now and who you want to be! Pic credits: Let me try to sort this out […]

My Daily Routine!

What is the common thing. That we all are lost in this busy world we live in? Ever wondered? What it could be?? Woooah!! Hold on .. too many questions are being bombarded all at once! Too hard to handle? Haha.. No worries! Let me just begin with the topic without any further ado. Well, […]

Fear to Express? Better not!

Undoubtedly. There is no one in this world who has not come across a situation in which they had a problem to express themselves! Isn’t it true? Yes of course! So what do you do when you come across such a situation? There are only 2 things you can do in such a situation. Keep […]

Be Strong!

Well. In this post I would like to talk about all that I think, which makes one Be Strong! It is something, that I have been doing these days. This is what life has taught me in a very harsh way though! But, I am thankful of it. It has made me realize the very […]

Every Friend was once a Stranger!

This post is very close to me! As this is something, I have experienced and felt it to be important for everyone else also to know and treasure the true essence of friendship! Has anyone ever thought about this phenomenon, that every friend we have now was once only a stranger to us!? Yes, when […]

Hope! Very Complicated at the same time Very Very Simple!

Hope! Hope and Hope! We do hear people around us saying all the time whenever we are facing some adversities in our life and all sorts of troublesome things happening with us! Let me explain you this illustration of a very personal experience of mine! We all come across this situation in our life. Where […]