Refresh – Of my Instagram wall.

Hey folks, hope you guys are doing great.. 🙂

I was just going through my instagram wall and like every one, even I refreshed on my insta wall to see through new posts. Every time I did, I was getting new posts on my wall again and again.


So? what’s the point?
(Everyone knows that when you refresh your feed, you get to see new posts)

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Thank you!

1,000 Followers! Thank you!

Well, I will be celebrating 2 years anniversary of this blog in a month for now. But, in this span of almost 2 years, I have been having lots and lots of break ups and link ups with my blog every now and then.

(Because, whenever I would try and spend a lot of time on this blog of mine. I would end up having a break up with it within no time for some or the other practical difficulties/situations)

But, you guys have never failed to surprise me by backing me every-time I decided to turn back and link up with my blog. You guys were always there for me and my blog.

Ever supportive and ever encouraging to keep me doing what made me happy and helping me being in never ending relation with my blog till this very date.

Thank you all! Thank you so much for your reads, likes, comments and re-blogs. I have always loved to hear from you all.

You guys must have seen me replying back to most of your comments on my blog posts as “Thank you so much for stopping by and it means a lot to me”. Well, every time I said this, trust me. I really meant it. I really did and will always do.

I would just like to reminisce my memory down the lane, to the time when I just begun to blog. I had no clue if there would be anyone at-least who will stop by and read what I write for even once.

But, today here I am. Happier than ever before.

From all those first few likes, comments, follows.. to all the ones which I receive now.. I can’t thank you all enough for making me believe that there is really someone out there who is willing to read my blog and posts from the day I started till now. 

Thank you! Thanks a ton!

As I always say and close my posts!
Happy Reading! 🙂

Shepherd of my soul.

Just like any other Sunday morning, I had been to Church last Sunday along with my sister at 10.00 am.

Had plan of attending a church with my cousin at 9.30 am
(as plan was to be at his house by 9 am and then leave to church)

As we woke up a bit late, by the time we got ready it was 8.40 am
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Traffic Chaos.

Super excited. Super enthusiastic. Super energetic.

With lots of hope and lots of goals in mind. Started a new phase of my life in this beautiful city of silicon valley which fulfills the dreams of thousands of people coming to make there living from every corner of our country India.

Managed to rent a beautiful house surrounded with absolute stunning greenery, which helps me wake up to the most soothing sound, birds chirping through my rooms window.

Start of the day was so much more spot on, as everything was working as expected for me.

Amidst all these happy stuffs happening with me.

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Late post on Thanksgiving!

This morning, a day after Thanksgiving.

I would first like to thank all of you guys who make some effort to stop by my blog every single time and go through all the articles I write and show some love in form of likes, comments, shares and all.

(I know, I am way too late to post anything on thanksgiving. But still, I could not wait a year-long again until next time for another thanksgiving day to come to thank you guys)

Thank you.. so very much for all of it. It really is overwhelming to know that this blog of mine has made it to 670+ followers and 8500+ views till date.

Honestly, If I look back to the day I first wrote my blog post in the month of October last year. I had no clue it would even come this far. I had no clue if anyone would even read what I write on my blog.

But, the response I received in the month of Feb 2018 was really overwhelming. It was 3100+ views in a single month which is highest I have received in a month till date.


After which, I wrote for another month and then..

Lost it. Was hit with such a road block as a writer that it took almost 7 months for me to get back onto my blog and start writing all over again.

To my surprise. I was truly overwhelmed by the response I received from you all. For welcoming me with your cheerful and uplifting comments on my posts. Which in turn helped me to stay up and motivated to write more and more.

Well, for this amazing love and support that you all have showered on me to be back on track ❤ ❤

Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me. Happy Belated Thanksgiving ❤

Happy Reading until next time! 🙂


Affiliate marketing


Helloo.. Everyone!

Hope you guys are doing well today? It’s a very soothing weather at my place today. Being at home after a tiresome week at office, feels good 😅

Today’s post is all about casual talking and I just want to ask about few things that are running around on my mind currently.

Well, I was going through affiliate marketing stuff and was feeling if it would be a good way to at least start with it so that it could be a good way to keep my blog up and in a way support it all the time.

Do you guys think it’s a good suggestion to get into it? or do you think I should concentrate more on what I do currently and just write my articles or restrict it only to inspirational and self learning posts? or should I start giving genuine reviews on any of the products we use on a day-to-day basis along with what I currently write?

After writing the above questions that are boggling my mind, I re-read it to notice that it’s too many questions to answer at once.. isn’t it? 😁

Well, I am sorry about it 😜

But, please help me out with the above questions I have. Your thoughts and inputs on these are much more needed at this time to me. It would be great to hear back from you guys.

Thank you guys for all the support and welcoming me back with such a warmth on my blog ❤️

Hope to receive as many as inputs from you all either through the comment section below or you can inbox me at

Happy Blogging Everyone! 🙂

Birthday Vibes – Lady of My Dreams.

Hey folks!

It’s been a while I couldn’t be active on my blog for various reasons. So beg your pardon for that and thank you for sticking around and visiting by blog archives until now! 🙂

Alright, to begin with! My flight to this earth landed on 29th June which was a day before from now and a thought or you could better say a question clung on to my mind.

Could it be possible that the lady of my dream also landed onto this tiny earth on my day or a day or two after me? You never know?

Insane right? 😀 I thought so. But, still couldn’t hold myself on expressing about it with you all. I am not sure if she will be reading this or not as of now! 🤔

Because, you never know where is she at this very moment? What could she be doing right now? Any guesses? Haha.. why would you make any guess about my lady of dreams.. ! Pardon me there.. 🙊

Well, let me put a guessing hat.. as per me, she might be just sitting on her couch.. with her phone replying to numerous wishes she might be getting on her day .. or might be cooking something she loves .. or hanging out with her friends.. and so on.. and so forth.. I can keep chanting about her until anyone could stop me to! So before any one does, let me stop it here.. 😀

Well, alright.. enough of this beating around the bush business and let me get to the point.

I thought of writing a short lyrical prose for her today for her to read it on her birthday..

Lady! There isn’t a day, I have not thought about you. Everyday I think about you, makes me feel there is none like you.

Though we might be far a distant or near. There might be no whisper of speech, nor a blink of an eye ever.

I wish you could know that your the only one I could foresee in my dreams. I wish you a loads of happiness and love on your birthday to my lady of dreams.. ❤️

To – My Lady of Dreams.

Would love to read your thoughts on this tiny snippet about my lady of dreams in the comment section below.

[This is my second post on my lady of dreams. Interested in reading the first one, feel free to click on the link Lady of My Dreams]

Happy Reading! 🙂

Cry out.

I am writing this post today. Not because of any specific reason, but just to express myself and what I truly feel sometimes.

Being human it’s true every one of you go through hardships, troublesome time, confused, do something which you don’t want to do but eventually have to do because there is no other go, may it be for your good or bad, completely pressurised and won’t understand how will you ever be able to look up and face the world around you.

Just because of this reason that you are surrounded with so many people around you. It’s natural to hold yourself back and make yourself strong enough that you appear all rock solid, emotionally stable and strong human in front of everyone and also you tend to prove it to yourself. True. Undoubtedly, you must get strong to face the world around you.

But, amidst of all this there comes a time when you feel deep down within you that all you want to do once is TO CRY OUT LOUD.

You know, it’s really very difficult to actually cry your heart out when your surrounded with so many people who care about you, who can’t see you break down like that and that’s why you stand up again and cry within yourself in the closet of your own self, without letting anyone know that you actually did cry out some-night, some-day or whenever possible.

But, doing this will burden your heart more and more. As days pass by, you will seem to be rock solid in front of everyone except for the one person and that one person is YOU who knows that even you want to cry yourself out and lighten yourself.

Trust me when I say this, when you really make some time for yourself and spend some time alone and rethink, relieve yourself from such heartaches by crying yourself out is when you actually feel much much better.

I wish, I could do that too sometime soon. You should also try this out and maybe then you may feel much much better before crying your heart out.

To all the brave hearts out there, who are staying strong for themselves, their family, their close ones, their friends or be it for anyone you love.

Honest opinion. Not being judgemental. But trying to be practical. 🙂


Heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for supporting my work and articles through your likes and follows.

Reaching 200 follows & 1000 likes is almost a major milestone for me in this amazing world of blogging.

It wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t through your sweet gesture and constant support.

Wish to contribute as much as I can to and through this blogging family with fellow bloggers as a unit and grow along with you all in coming days.

Happy Reading. 🤗 💞


I always believe if you have anything in your mind and your doubtful about it.

Introspect. If at all you do introspect. Then be happy about it. Undoubtedly you’re in the right track. Because when you do and listen to your good inner voice. Your saved from committing any mistake or sin against god.

If not, then your bound to do a mistake or something that is not right by listening to your bad inner voice and commit mistake or sin against god.

All that I expressed above. Is because of the statement I heard from my brother when he said yesterday evening during healthy discussion about word of god.

If you’re a person led by Holy Spirit you will not do anything contrary to it in your day-to-day life.

So if you’re not introspecting yourself before doing something. Be it anything lawful or unlawful. Think about it. Start introspecting and listen to your good inner voice. Be sure. Things will change. Blessings will flow and good things are bound to happen.

Happy Reading 😊