Hey folks..

Hope you all are doing great! It’s Thursday and I am all set to write my first post on Lifestyle. Basically, anything and everything revolving around lifestyle.

Hold on for a sec! Let me explain it a little better.

On this segment of lifestyle, I have thought of writing all about different Brands I have loved till date (I am sure they would never let me down when it comes to quality) and always stay upright when it comes to current trends!

As I want to stick with simplicity which is the main motto of my blog of keeping things as simple as possible, no matter how silly they are or can get to. If my articles or posts are simple enough for the readers to understand. Then my purpose of this blog would be served.

Yes, coming to this page and getting the idea on writing about lifestyle is definitely a huge thing for me. As Lifestyle is definitely a big arena or platform where there are already a lot many big shots who write or vlog on YouTube about different styles or fashion that are up and running these days.

I would like to keep my baby steps in this segment and try and be as very straight on it. That you as a reader would definitely find my articles on this segment to be really simple to understand and at the same time be classy and elegant. I will also try and make you correlate with the true essence of your day in and day out lifestyle tips and suggestions.

I think for now let me put a break on my word ride before this short introductory post on my lifestyle segment turns out to be lengthy monster to begin with.

Hope you all will like it and keep sharing your thoughts and views on this new segment of keep this simple silly platform of mine.

Happy Life-styling! 🙂