Late post on Thanksgiving!

This morning, a day after Thanksgiving.

I would first like to thank all of you guys who make some effort to stop by my blog every single time and go through all the articles I write and show some love in form of likes, comments, shares and all.

(I know, I am way too late to post anything on thanksgiving. But still, I could not wait a year-long again until next time for another thanksgiving day to come to thank you guys)

Thank you.. so very much for all of it. It really is overwhelming to know that this blog of mine has made it to 670+ followers and 8500+ views till date.

Honestly, If I look back to the day I first wrote my blog post in the month of October last year. I had no clue it would even come this far. I had no clue if anyone would even read what I write on my blog.

But, the response I received in the month of Feb 2018 was really overwhelming. It was 3100+ views in a single month which is highest I have received in a month till date.


After which, I wrote for another month and then..

Lost it. Was hit with such a road block as a writer that it took almost 7 months for me to get back onto my blog and start writing all over again.

To my surprise. I was truly overwhelmed by the response I received from you all. For welcoming me with your cheerful and uplifting comments on my posts. Which in turn helped me to stay up and motivated to write more and more.

Well, for this amazing love and support that you all have showered on me to be back on track ❤ ❤

Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me. Happy Belated Thanksgiving ❤

Happy Reading until next time! 🙂


FM Radio

FM Radio.

Hey Folks..

Good Morning.. to all those who are reading this article and if it’s not morning there for you then, Good Afternoon, Good Evening or Good Night.. 😛

Well, as usual. My today’s Monday Motivational article is here to keep you energized and motivated all through your week.

Question time?

(Sorry, I have been always told by my friends. That I ask a lot of questions.
Excuse me for that 😛 Okay, let’s get started)..

FM Radio? Motivation? Well, though a classical mode to keep listening to all the latest blockbuster hits and lots of pranks and live updates of the city that we live in.. It surely has a vital lesson to teach every one of us. 

Let me just ask you this one little question again?

Do you remember saying these things to anyone? anytime before?

No Broo.. not in a mood to talk with anyone today.

Just let me be alone. I don’t want to speak with any one just let me be..for a while. 

Sorry Bro.. Not today. I have had such a bad day at college or office or (consider any place or situation). Because of which you could have said this to someone. 

Well, I believe almost every one of us have been in this situation at least once till now. Right?

So, my whole purpose of making you remind about such moment is to let you all know that it’s really very important for each one of us to live our life to the fullest. Without even wasting a single moment of life and just let it go in vain. Because of any damn thing.


So when we know we need to lead our life in such a way. What do we do? We just can’t get over anything that has happened so easily.

We see people saying this right? That, they need time to get back to normal again. It just ain’t possible to get back to normal all of a sudden.

But the fact of the moment is. If you think you can. Then you surely can. If you say you can’t then it just can’t.

If you ask me the question back. That if you say you can, then tell us how?

Well, it’s this simple. Remember the Radio FM for a moment and read this. It’s this Simple.

Just change the channel of your situation and start hearing to the one that makes you feel all alive back again.

Just the way you do it when you are bored of listening to some radio channel and you just change the channel and start listening and enjoying the channel which makes you feel alive again. 

(Sounds too simple. But, if you’re scolding me back of your mind that this idiot is saying so easily. And it isn’t that simple enough to execute it in real life?)

Trust me it is really that simple. All you need to do is. Tune your mind to switch between the real life situations – On the fly.

If something is bothering you. Let the thing bothering you be there where it is. And you move on from there. By changing the channel of your mind.

Because, I personally believe that the it is all within us on how we take control of our mind and mood to switch between the situations that we come across in our day-to-day life.

Rather than, situations taking control of our lives and just keep you haunted with the same old channel of unhappy, sad or lifeless way of living your life.


Please take control of your mind. Switch between the channels. Be Happy. Be Cheerful & Live your every moment to the fullest.

Let me know if you liked this simple comparison of real life situations to radio channels? Please do let me know in the comments section below. Would love to hear from you guys ❤

Happy Reading! 🙂


Hey folks..

This is just an instant thought that struck my mind while I was going through my Facebook wall yesterday. I read a post which is the sole reason of my article today.

Let me begin with a question.

Is it normal for people to keep questioning or doubting about their own existence?

How many times did you get these questions? (If you never did, then you are living the best of your life)

Am I really worthy?

Does someone around me value me enough for being there with them?

Well, if you ask me. There are situations where people do get these questions to themselves.

They do question there existence.

They do get this evident doubt of why are they even living this life when nobody values them when they are around.

And to nobody’s surprise these days.

This is the most common reason why we see lot of teenagers or young adults commit suicide.

It truly is very saddening to here any such incidents taking place. And, its quite common these days to hear such news on daily basis.

My only attempt today would be to try and stop this saddening act of suicide.

This tendency of giving up your life comes from this very root cause of not being valued or liked among the peers.

If anyone of you ever feel that your are not being valued. Then please note my words.

There is always another side to a coin.

It’s just the way you consider or take things to yourself. If you say that nobody values you. Then of course no one will and it will be the reason for your pain, distress, agony and it will start eating you up.

But if you would think the other way round.

Start thinking to yourself that if anyone doesn’t value you.

Then they don’t know your value..It’s as simple as that.

Always remember that you are valuable and you are valuable to your mom and dad .. your brother and sister .. They will love you always no matter what.

And, If you don’t value yourself. Then be sure that people would also not value someone who doesn’t even value their own self.

Truth of the moment is that YOU ARE VALUABLE and at any given moment of time.. you should always know and keep reminding yourself that you are the most valuable person.

Start being strong and positive in your approach towards you and your life around you. Only then will you start noticing that, how things will start changing around you.

Happy Reading! ☺️

Disclaimer: Please feel free to drop your thoughts on this highly sensitive topic I have spoken on today. If something that I have expressed is harsh or inappropriate to the readers please bear with me for it.

How to be Strong


Hey folks..

Good Morning.. let’s begin our day with a dose of motivational drug into our system, which can keep us energetic and motivated for the rest of our week 🙂

So, How many of you’ll have observed the scenic beauty of mountains while your travelling across different cities by road, rail or airways?

Well, the objective here is not which mode of transportation you use to travel across places. But, objective is that amazing beauty of mountains that we observe during any of such travels.

Best travel spot to witness this scenic beauty of mountains is ghats section. Correct me if I am wrong with this. Don’t you feel that its such a beautiful place where you enjoy the beauty of mountains surrounding you?

Yes, for me it definitely is one of the most beautiful places..

I would like to travel again and again just to witness such scenic beauty of nature amidst so many wonderful mountains and everything on and around it.

Well, Coming to the core of today’s topic. Can there be any better example other than these mountains to show the real essence of being strong?

To sum it up in short – These mountains are literally split into two at times – to create roadways or railways. It witnesses huge land slides. In places of volcanoes, it bares the brutal heat of lava flowing on top of it. It witnesses the changing weather conditions (scorching heat, heavy rainfall, snowfall and so on..) 24*7 and 356 days.

Even after facing every single bit of it on every single day. Does it fail to mesmerize you with its serene beauty? Never right.

And that is the best thing which we need to learn and incorporate in our lives too.

Often we see that we come across many difficult situations in our day-to-day life. We breakdown. We get upset. We start getting irritated. Start being annoyed of every single thing around us.

But, instead of reacting in such a way that it disrupts us more and more..

Why can’t we actually stand still and face the situations with upright face, with the bright smile that trashes away every situation and give us the courage required to overcome any situation and live our life to the fullest?

I have always believed and tried to follow this one point on being strong. No matter what happens.

If you can smile even through your troubles even after being in the worst possible situations and you give a try to overcome it.

Then it is the true sign of you being the strongest of all.


Never let anything break you down or shatter you to pieces. Always remember that no trouble or situation is any way bigger than who you really are.

Make every trouble around you look smaller in front of you and chase them all with a beautiful smile on your face. Then you will see how everything around you turns out to be the best you could ever imagine 🙂

Please do like, comment your views or feedback and please do share with your loved ones, friends and colleagues. If you do, then it will definitely keep me motivated to write more and more such inspirational articles in future.

Happy Reading ❤

Top 5 Sunglasses

Top 5 Aviator Sunglasses under 2000 Rs.

Sunglasses. As it is one thing which I am fond of buying it lately. Let me begin with this post as I have done a lot of search on different sites to find the best fit within 2000 INR.

And if your thinking that this is the wrong time to post about Sunglasses since winter is nearing and all? Well, as per the earlier trend or tradition it was most expected to be sold the maximum or used most commonly in summer season.

But, things have changed lately. It doesn’t necessarily require a season to wear and flaunt your sunglasses out there!

It’s so true, since there is no bar on climate changes in recent days. So is the case with sunglasses. You can wear it all the time. Yes, 365 days and round the clock.

Since, we now know that there is no bar on wearing your very own sunglasses or glares. Why wait let’s get started then.

Below are some of the Brands and Styles that I liked the most well within the range of 2000 Rs from Amazon.

Style: Aviator

  • I would definitely go for this since it is evergreen style segment of Aviator
  • Aviator style most commonly fits in for the guys with Oval or rectangular shaped face

( In my upcoming posts, I would definitely recommend sunglasses for different face structures – stay tuned and drop your suggestions in comments if you have any questions in particular. I will try to address it at the earliest ❤ )

#1 – Brand: IDEE

IDEE Gradient Aviator Men’s Sunglasses

MRP Price: 2,250.00 Discounted Price: 1,912.00

This, I would preferably go for it if I my budget falls under 2000 Rs and I want everything under this budget. Then, I would probably spend this amount on it. Since, it would be worth it as it comes with great styling and with robust framework.

Quality aspects remains undoubtedly the best. As I have used IDEE framework and glasses and I still have those with me in a very good condition. So if your planning to buy this for any tripping with friends or for daily use. It does fits in for all your purposes.

#2 – Brand: Titan

Titan Polarized Aviator Men’s Sunglasses

MRP Price: 2,999.00 Discounted Price: 1,790.00

This sunglasses, I found it worth buying based on its brand value, quality, polarized glasses and also the customer reviews of the product.

Hence, would definitely go for it. If my budget would be anywhere till 2000 Rs.

#3 – Brand: Fastrack

Fastrack UV Protected Aviator Men’s Sunglasses

MRP Price: 2,099.00 Discounted Price: 1,566.00

This again would be a good budget buy for me along with the best of brand in place.

Only drawback of this product when compared to the other sunglasses we spoke above would be that the polarized glasses are not available in this.

If I was not a big fan of polarized glasses. Then this would be the one for me with latest thin framework with faded blunt edges on top.

#4 – Brand: Fastrack

Fastrack Gradient Aviator Men’s Sunglasses

MRP Price: 1,899.00 Discounted Price: 1,409.00

This, I would preferably go mainly because of its brand value, quality, polarized glasses and also based on my budget. If I am restricted with the budget of 1500 Rs.

Then, for me I would definitely consider this to be the best buy. Since, even this has a polarized glasses with the styling of Aviator framework.

#5 – Brand: Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans UV Protected Aviator Unisex Sunglasses

MRP Price: 2,199.00 Discounted Price: 1,209.00

This would be my ideal choice if only I was the person who wouldn’t like any dark colors or would prefer lighter shades over the darker ones. If I would love to look more mature and at the same time be cool. And again not a big fan of polarized sunglasses.

Then, this would be an ideal fit for me. That is well under my budget of 2000 Rs.

If you have come long way until the end of this post. I assume and hope so that you have liked these suggestions.

If you did, then please do drop your insights on the it. So that it keeps me motivated to write many more like these in days to come. Please do like and share it as much as you can. Since, you know sharing is caring right? 😉

And, If you didn’t like this post. Then please don’t hesitate to drop your feedback in the comments section below. I will definitely take the feedback in the most constructive way to have better posts in place in days to come 🙂

With much love ❤

Happy Life-styling 🙂

* Disclaimer: All thoughts or views shared above are my own and are only based on my personal experience and secondary research.

** Affiliate Disclaimer: Above links used are all affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you. If you click-through any of these links and purchase. I will earn a bit of commission through which I consider you buying me a cup of coffee though! thank you so much for that in advance for all your support 🙂



Hey Folks..

It’s Monday morning, and my post today is to make this minute noise in your inbox with the notification of my “Motivational Monday” post 😉

Well, today I thought let me speak about this word noise.

Yes, you might be thinking what can be motivational with this term noise. Right? Well, it does. It does bring some motivation within each one of us by the way we consider it to be.


Let me clear it for you.

There are different types of noises that we come across in our day to day life. Like,  Honking of vehicles. Noise from Crackers. Noise from loud music and many more.

But, today! I am not going to speak about any of such noises I mentioned above.

I will be speaking about the noise that will be made from the way you carry yourself and live your life. How many of you guys out there want to here a noise of failure in your life? No one right? Who wants to hear such negative noises. I would hate to hear such noise for even a split second.

So, it’s quite obvious that everyone of us want to hear the noise of success in our life right?

Do you want to make the noise by your own words by speaking to every other person about it before getting the success?

Or instead, you want your success make some noise and let people know about it rather than you speaking about it by yourself?

The most common mistake that most of us do in our lives is. We speak a lot about the things we want to do. And end up doing just a bit of it or do nothing at all. Due to whatever reasons it might be. And we end up making just the noise without success being part of that noise. 

If you closely think about this once.

How many times in your life till now, have you said something to everyone before doing anything and were not able to achieve it or do it?

And, how many times in your life you have not said anything and have done it successfully which in-turn has made the noise of letting every other person know about it? 

Well, as per what I have learn’t and how much I have understood about this kind of “noise” that we get from success.

If you ask me about it, I would rather say.

The joy we get from the noise that your success makes is incomparable with just the noise that you make through your words before attaining the success you wished for. 

Please do let me know your thoughts about the same. Let me know if you liked the post so that I can continue writing more and more posts like this. And also, do share it with your friends and family members.

Sharing is Caring! Please show some love through your shares and likes as many as you can 

Happy Reading! 🙂

Affiliate marketing


Helloo.. Everyone!

Hope you guys are doing well today? It’s a very soothing weather at my place today. Being at home after a tiresome week at office, feels good 😅

Today’s post is all about casual talking and I just want to ask about few things that are running around on my mind currently.

Well, I was going through affiliate marketing stuff and was feeling if it would be a good way to at least start with it so that it could be a good way to keep my blog up and in a way support it all the time.

Do you guys think it’s a good suggestion to get into it? or do you think I should concentrate more on what I do currently and just write my articles or restrict it only to inspirational and self learning posts? or should I start giving genuine reviews on any of the products we use on a day-to-day basis along with what I currently write?

After writing the above questions that are boggling my mind, I re-read it to notice that it’s too many questions to answer at once.. isn’t it? 😁

Well, I am sorry about it 😜

But, please help me out with the above questions I have. Your thoughts and inputs on these are much more needed at this time to me. It would be great to hear back from you guys.

Thank you guys for all the support and welcoming me back with such a warmth on my blog ❤️

Hope to receive as many as inputs from you all either through the comment section below or you can inbox me at

Happy Blogging Everyone! 🙂

Break Barriers

Are we like these fleas ..

More often I ask this question to myself. Whenever I come across any situation that makes me sulk down and question myself.

Am I doing just enough? Can I do anything better than what I do now? and many more questions like these haunt me day in day out. These are the questions I ask to myself. To know if I have set any limitations to me. Can I break this barrier around to do much better than what I do?

Let me just give an example about these fleas I had read about.

In one of the studies done with fleas. It was observed that a lot of fleas were all put in a single glass container with a lid on top. These fleas immediately tried to jump out of the container but always got hit by the lid. They did try for a while until they realized that there is no way they can get out of this container.

After a while, lid was opened and what you see would boggle your mind.

All the fleas just jumped out of the container and scattered away?


Not at all. Much to everyone’s surprise. This was not what happened. All the fleas remained where they were in the container even though the lid was completely opened.

Getting back to the questions that I asked to myself just above this illustration.

And this is the answer I give to myself to get over any situation I am in. Yes, surely I can get over any difficult situations I might be in now. All by faith and determination I can surely achieve the greater heights in my life by breaking every difficult situation I am in right now.

Yes. I strongly believe we should not be like these fleas and condition ourselves to the circumstances that we are in and just be with. We should always try to get over it and get to the greater heights in our life.

Just because of any mere situation or circumstances. We should never give up and live with just anything.

Will you agree to what I just said above? Are you like these fleas? or Can you break through these circumstances to see greater heights in your life?

Well, let me know what you think about this in the comments section below. Looking forward to hear your thoughts.

If you liked this piece of writing from me. Please do like, share and ask your friends to follow me on my blog for much more of these to come 😉

Happy Reading 🙂

Writers Block

Lost but now found..

Hey Guys…

Hope you all are doing great. Well, I am worn out writing apology notes for not being active on my blog since months for now. I kept wondering for myself as to why am I not able to make any time for myself to come and speak out on my blog.

I kept wondering on what could be the reason behind it and asking lot of questions to myself. Could it be because I am a lot stuck with my day-to-day activities revolving around my workplace or for various personal priorities?

After a long wait to figure out what exactly was blocking me out from speaking on my blog. I came across this term called – Writers Block…

Yes, there was a time when I had first begun my blogging journey exactly a year back. And, I use to wonder if there is really anything like this in real? How can anyone get drained out of ideas to write or speak?

And after doing a little bit of research on the same made me realize that what phase of blogging I was going through is what exactly means this term “Writers Block”.  

Definition of Writers Block goes something like this,

Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years

– Source: Wikipedia

And so I did dig into this topic a little more to see what could be the probable reason for this and how long can this last for an individual?

It was observed that, this could be possibly because of no inspiration, no time or no ideas and it could last for nearly few months and if it goes on to nearly a year-long gap then it will be coined as “Writers burnout”.

I thank god that it was just a block for me than a burnout.. ! 😀 

Anyways, I decided to write a post on this and let everyone know the techniques I used and came out of this phase to get started back again.

  1. Talk to an imaginary Friend – This will definitely help you get some boost to get started all over again.
  2. Stop writing for a while – It’s totally okay. It is alright to stop rather than just write anything that is of no value or crappy altogether.
  3. Take a short trip all by yourself or with your friends – It doesn’t really matter if you can just chill yourself and breathe to feel all alive back again.
  4. Reread your superhero posts – yes, this will definitely get you kick started to start penning your thoughts back again. And for me the post that did the trick for me was this –  Cold Coffee & French Fries.

Hope to get back and groove with you all by reading and writing many more posts to come! 😉

Happy Reading! 🙂

Birthday Vibes – Lady of My Dreams.

Hey folks!

It’s been a while I couldn’t be active on my blog for various reasons. So beg your pardon for that and thank you for sticking around and visiting by blog archives until now! 🙂

Alright, to begin with! My flight to this earth landed on 29th June which was a day before from now and a thought or you could better say a question clung on to my mind.

Could it be possible that the lady of my dream also landed onto this tiny earth on my day or a day or two after me? You never know?

Insane right? 😀 I thought so. But, still couldn’t hold myself on expressing about it with you all. I am not sure if she will be reading this or not as of now! 🤔

Because, you never know where is she at this very moment? What could she be doing right now? Any guesses? Haha.. why would you make any guess about my lady of dreams.. ! Pardon me there.. 🙊

Well, let me put a guessing hat.. as per me, she might be just sitting on her couch.. with her phone replying to numerous wishes she might be getting on her day .. or might be cooking something she loves .. or hanging out with her friends.. and so on.. and so forth.. I can keep chanting about her until anyone could stop me to! So before any one does, let me stop it here.. 😀

Well, alright.. enough of this beating around the bush business and let me get to the point.

I thought of writing a short lyrical prose for her today for her to read it on her birthday..

Lady! There isn’t a day, I have not thought about you. Everyday I think about you, makes me feel there is none like you.

Though we might be far a distant or near. There might be no whisper of speech, nor a blink of an eye ever.

I wish you could know that your the only one I could foresee in my dreams. I wish you a loads of happiness and love on your birthday to my lady of dreams.. ❤️

To – My Lady of Dreams.

Would love to read your thoughts on this tiny snippet about my lady of dreams in the comment section below.

[This is my second post on my lady of dreams. Interested in reading the first one, feel free to click on the link Lady of My Dreams]

Happy Reading! 🙂