Shepherd of my soul.

Just like any other Sunday morning, I had been to Church last Sunday along with my sister at 10.00 am.

Had plan of attending a church with my cousin at 9.30 am
(as plan was to be at his house by 9 am and then leave to church)

As we woke up a bit late, by the time we got ready it was 8.40 am
(and to reach cousins place, it would nearly take an hour at-least) Continue reading


I always believe if you have anything in your mind and your doubtful about it.

Introspect. If at all you do introspect. Then be happy about it. Undoubtedly you’re in the right track. Because when you do and listen to your good inner voice. Your saved from committing any mistake or sin against god.

If not, then your bound to do a mistake or something that is not right by listening to your bad inner voice and commit mistake or sin against god.

All that I expressed above. Is because of the statement I heard from my brother when he said yesterday evening during healthy discussion about word of god.

If you’re a person led by Holy Spirit you will not do anything contrary to it in your day-to-day life.

So if you’re not introspecting yourself before doing something. Be it anything lawful or unlawful. Think about it. Start introspecting and listen to your good inner voice. Be sure. Things will change. Blessings will flow and good things are bound to happen.

Happy Reading 😊


From me and all my cousins.

Eulogy to our Daddy.

Mr. Franklin S Peter was born on 9th June 1942. He was eldest among his siblings with 2 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers born to Mr. & Mrs. Ruth Sumanthappa Peter.

You all might wonder why am I calling my doddappa as our daddy. It’s Solly because, from the time we all cousins were born we lived in a joint family and ever since then we called him as our “Daddy” and having lost our father’s few years back. It made us realise that it was gods plan for us to call him as Daddy.

Having said this, as he grew along in life he got married to Mrs. Macline F Peter and was blessed with 2 sons. And was blessed enough to have witnessed his grand children’s Asher, Othniel and Olivia.

Summing up his life in short. I keep coming back to one thought. Never will you meet a man who was more faithfully lived his values. He was a teacher of all things. He was a preacher, a carpenter and many more. There was no work which he ever said was not possible. His method was simple and was a man of perfection.

It’s true, at any age when faced by ethical dilemma. You will find yourself coming back to one simple question. What would my father do? That’s how his presence was to the entire family now.

When it came to academics. He left it half way down the lane at PC Jabins science college as he had to be a helping hand to his hard-working father who was his role model. And then on it was a non stop commitment towards his work and family.

Even at the age of 75 (post retirement). He never was a man at rest. You would always find him busy in one or the thing.

This was just a gist of how he was in his entire life that I have seen.

And so would like to say. You have been great and faithful throughout your life Daddy. May your soul rest in peace.

Sleepless Nights.

These days it’s very common to see teenagers and toddlers in middle age (Bachelor’s) undergo this situational sleepless nights.

Basically, because every one of us feel we are being sandwiched between various situations in and around us.

We barely know anything about it. In the process of getting answers. We tend to question ourselves in many ways. Some of them are very common to everyone of us.

Whatever is happening in my life. Is it really required.

Do I really know anything about it or no.

Why am I even in this situation.

Why can’t I lead a normal life.

Sometimes. Even after knowing everything. It is really not easy to ACCEPT certain facts.

It is because of this very reason. I feel you or me whoever is undergoing this situation. Must understand and try overcoming it with shear determination and strong will.

To really ACCEPT certain things.

Even though you may or may not like it at the moment. But, if your destined to accept it. Then only when you do accept. It is then you observe that your sleepless nights are turned into much more peaceful nights.

If you guys too agree with above said thoughts about many such sleepless night we often go through. Please feel free to drop your comments or feedbacks in the comments section below.

Happy Reading. 🙂