Fear to Express? Better not!

Undoubtedly. There is no one in this world who has not come across a situation in which they had a problem to express themselves!

Isn’t it true?

Yes of course! So what do you do when you come across such a situation?

There are only 2 things you can do in such a situation.

  • Keep quite. Don’t express your point of view.
  • Step out. Be bold. Express your point of view.

Let me explain these things to you!

Keep quite. Don’t express your point of view!

If you do this, then you can never express your thoughts and views on anything you would like to say or express.


Your thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings are succumbed into yourself and are buried deep down within you.

Instead, why not do this?

Step out. Be bold. Express your point of view!

If you do this, then the sense of satisfaction you get when you express yourself is incomparable with anything else!

And by doing this. You are not just keeping your thoughts, ideas or any other thing you want to speak out to yourself. But you speak and share you point of view to others.


All that you think, your ideas, emotions and feelings are not just to restrained to yourself. But, others as well are well aware of it now. The feeling of having contributed to something and sharing your point of view in a situation whenever required. Is something that is worth while!

” You’ve got to express yourself in life, and it’s better out than in. What you reveal, you heal”

Chris Martin


So what do you want to do next time you come across such a situation?

Will you opt to express your point of view or not?

Do share your thoughts on this! Happy Reading! 🙂

Hope! Very Complicated at the same time Very Very Simple!

Hope! Hope and Hope!

We do hear people around us saying all the time whenever we are facing some adversities in our life and all sorts of troublesome things happening with us!

Let me explain you this illustration of a very personal experience of mine!

We all come across this situation in our life. Where we are really not understanding anything that is happening in and around us..! And every now and then we will be get this one question in our mind.. (at least I did get this question in my mind)

What the hell is happening with me man….?? (Very frustrated with everything in and around me)

And then, suddenly I get a very good friend of yours who from nowhere just comes by and listen to all that I had to say about whats happening with me!

And .. said me this one most famous thing said in the whole universe!

HOPE my friend! (Quietly murmured in a very low tone)

Then went on to convince me about everything that had happened and was happening!

And started saying!!

Don’t worry, there is definitely a day in your life which will come and you will have no worries, nothing that will be ever troubling you around and I in no time, stopped him and started asking him!

What the hell are you even trying to tell me?? (with almost no patience to listen to what he was saying at all)

(And without even allowing him further say anything)

I said him. Please stop! Don’t tel me all these shitty things. I don’t want to listen to all that. I do know all this will happen, I have kept on hearing this thing will happen! that thing will happen!! But, when will it all really happen?? (Shattered him with all the cylinders of questions I could burst with)

(And then controlling my frustration, said him in a very low tone) Just tell me what should I do now??

And, then guess what he said!?

(With all the patience once could ever have) He told me this one simple thing what he had murmured just a while ago!

HOPE my friend! (Ha-ha-ha….. I instantly started laughing at him in a very sarcastic way)

(He didn’t stop! and said) You need to just have HOPE! and move on with courage and determination, in a direction of achieving every single thing you want to achieve in this world my friend! That’s all you got to do.

At that very moment, only thing that struck my mind was!

(How can he be so sure about what he was saying? Should I really listen to what he is saying? Will this really work for me? Can I really do this?)

All these questions struck my mind. All I did at that time was I kept quiet.

But, what happened next as the days passed by and all I did was kept on being hopeful about what my friend had told me started working in the same line.

You wont believe, it actually worked for me! I really… enjoyed my life from then on!

That single moment and words spoken by my friend changed me completely!


It’s true that! Nothing good is impossible to achieve in this world. Any reasonable thing that comes to your mind and stick on to it with HOPE and determination along with positive attitude. Believe in what you want to achieve. You will eventually achieve it! Things do change! Life does become a beautiful place to stay!

Hope you have liked this short story of mine!

Happy reading! 🙂