From me and all my cousins.

Eulogy to our Daddy.

Mr. Franklin S Peter was born on 9th June 1942. He was eldest among his siblings with 2 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers born to Mr. & Mrs. Ruth Sumanthappa Peter.

You all might wonder why am I calling my doddappa as our daddy. It’s Solly because, from the time we all cousins were born we lived in a joint family and ever since then we called him as our “Daddy” and having lost our father’s few years back. It made us realise that it was gods plan for us to call him as Daddy.

Having said this, as he grew along in life he got married to Mrs. Macline F Peter and was blessed with 2 sons. And was blessed enough to have witnessed his grand children’s Asher, Othniel and Olivia.

Summing up his life in short. I keep coming back to one thought. Never will you meet a man who was more faithfully lived his values. He was a teacher of all things. He was a preacher, a carpenter and many more. There was no work which he ever said was not possible. His method was simple and was a man of perfection.

It’s true, at any age when faced by ethical dilemma. You will find yourself coming back to one simple question. What would my father do? That’s how his presence was to the entire family now.

When it came to academics. He left it half way down the lane at PC Jabins science college as he had to be a helping hand to his hard-working father who was his role model. And then on it was a non stop commitment towards his work and family.

Even at the age of 75 (post retirement). He never was a man at rest. You would always find him busy in one or the thing.

This was just a gist of how he was in his entire life that I have seen.

And so would like to say. You have been great and faithful throughout your life Daddy. May your soul rest in peace.