Point of view.

This is an instinctive post that I am writing today. It just came to my mind when I was watching a movie while I was having dinner with my family this night.

It’s midnight here in India now and I am writing this post, maybe this is why people who know me well call me as nocturnal these days! 😀.

Coming back to what I was saying. Situation in the movie was something like this.

A marriage proposal breakup took place because the guy [who is self-centered, only cares about his happiness and he just wants to win and live his life just the way he wants to, he was totally against the word compromise and believed that two people in marriage can be happy only when they are exactly the same] on the other side was this girl [who was exactly opposite of how he was, she always cared about others around her, who believed that she would be happy when everyone along with her is happy and the one who believed if two people in marriage needs to be happy it is not necessary that they should be the same in  everything].

With this background, it so happened that the guy felt, the girl was making lot of compromises to make herself fit into his lifestyle, his likes & dislikes. She had to leave her dance for him as she was learning it from past 20 years and enjoyed doing it. Little did he know that the girl was doing all this for him only because she clearly knew and saw that her world and priorities with the marriage would be just him and she was doing all that with her wish and was happy doing it.

After all that took place, girl was shattered to pieces when she knew that the guy whom she had started to love and felt that he is the perfect guy for her had left her completely broken with his point of view.

If you try to understand something from this, this just wasn’t the part of only the movie scene I narrated above. It’s almost the same with you, me and everyone around us these days. Rarely, you try to understand what is the point of view of other person in front of you. Based on whatever the situation you are in, you almost tend to build the probable possibilities, foresee things based on your assumptions and give your verdict to the person standing in front of you and just walk away.

If it does happen like this, for sure you will lose the person who was in front you while you passed the verdict because you never gave him/her any chance of understanding his/her point of view.

Well, because of this I see that most of us loosing out on hard-earned relationships be it friends, family, relatives or whoever it is. Only when you express your point of view & allow the one in front of you to express his point of view. Things get clear. Misunderstanding never occur. Every relationship will be a wonderful place to say without any hatred, misunderstandings and heart-aches.

And yes, later part of the movie the girl somehow made him realize he never gave her a chance to express her point of view and when he got to know what the girl’s point of view was about what he had thought about the compromises she was making for him and why she was doing all that for him. It was a happy ending to movie at the end.

Live your life. Express your point of view. Allow others to express it too and see how life changes in the best possible ways.

Honest opinion. Feel free to express your opinion about this. Let me know if I have missed out on anything. I will surely be more than happy to look into it.

Happy Reading 🙂

Fear to Express? Better not!

Undoubtedly. There is no one in this world who has not come across a situation in which they had a problem to express themselves!

Isn’t it true?

Yes of course! So what do you do when you come across such a situation?

There are only 2 things you can do in such a situation.

  • Keep quite. Don’t express your point of view.
  • Step out. Be bold. Express your point of view.

Let me explain these things to you!

Keep quite. Don’t express your point of view!

If you do this, then you can never express your thoughts and views on anything you would like to say or express.


Your thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings are succumbed into yourself and are buried deep down within you.

Instead, why not do this?

Step out. Be bold. Express your point of view!

If you do this, then the sense of satisfaction you get when you express yourself is incomparable with anything else!

And by doing this. You are not just keeping your thoughts, ideas or any other thing you want to speak out to yourself. But you speak and share you point of view to others.


All that you think, your ideas, emotions and feelings are not just to restrained to yourself. But, others as well are well aware of it now. The feeling of having contributed to something and sharing your point of view in a situation whenever required. Is something that is worth while!

” You’ve got to express yourself in life, and it’s better out than in. What you reveal, you heal”

Chris Martin


So what do you want to do next time you come across such a situation?

Will you opt to express your point of view or not?

Do share your thoughts on this! Happy Reading! 🙂