Hey Mom,

This is a letter to you from your son on your birthday.

I would first like to say though you’re a very soft natured and warm-hearted person, thank you for being so rock solid. I know it never was an easy Journey. There were many situations when you were drained completely with sheer trauma of disappointment and sadness because of all untimely death of dad. But, I want to thank you for being rock solid and standing firm for me and my sister and regaining strength for our sake.

You made me strong by imbibing in me the word of god and taught me ways of how I can walk in faith by clinging on to the word of Christ.

With this I would like to say on your birthday.

All your days of sadness, trouble and hurt are gone by. I promise you, I’ll keep all of them miles & miles away from you. I will through the grace of god fulfil all your dreams and get you all that you wanted to have and see to it that you will always have that wonderful smile on your face all through the days of your life ever after.

Love you mom. 💞

Thankyou so much for being there for me and my sister all the time. Happy Birthday. 🎂

Disclaimer: Image courtesy – Pinterest