Complexity? Confusion? Question running around in the backyard of your mind??

Ah! actually we all go through this kind of question marks several times in our life. Whenever we are confused or have any question. What do we do??

Ask the most resourceful person in our circle of contact? Search on internet? etc etc etc..

And.. then you finally arrive at the place where you get the answer. You read everything available.

After having read everything!

There we realize the question is still not resolved!! Because we tend to miss out on understanding certain things because of the complexity in understanding any difficult concepts, terminologies, facts, etc.

Well, exactly! My whole objective is to simplify things around.

Oh! I am sorry. In rush to explain about what I want to share with you all. I totally forgot to give some insights about me.


Undoubtedly, I am a full-time dedicated Engineer by profession.

Then, you might get a question, how will it be any useful to read this guys posts at all?!

Whenever or however possible I get a chance to read something. Without any further ado, you can see me reading some blogs or websites or news where something or the other is written most of the time relating to Motivation and some times about Technology, Finance, Investment, etc and almost all of it I prefer reading simple solutions than complex ones!

Must say, I am truly an amateur blogger as of now. I mean yes, I always wanted to blog around from pretty long time though!

But it never came true, until for now. That I have finally started blogging. Thank god for finally landing me into the world of blogging.

Well, thanks for visiting my blog. There is lot more in store as the days pass by and posts unleash.

Keep visiting my blog.

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