Story of your life!

Remember there is cost for every story in your life. A cost for making your story better. A cost for not making your story better. And it’s you who will have to pay for it. So decide carefully, what you want. Which story you want to tell.

– Savi Sharma

Ah! such an amazing lines written by the best-selling author of “Everyone Has a Story” and “This is Not Your Story” – Savi Sharma.

“Remember there is cost for every story in your life. A cost for making your story better. A cost for not making your story better.” – This part of the quote which shook me the most!

Ever wondered? Ever thought about What impact does it have on you? What impact does your life has over others surrounding you? What story are you building out of your life? Is the story your building worth it? Will you be able to cherish all that you have done throughout your life until now?

And the series of questions just roll on and on! once you start thinking in this line of building your story of life!

I was so inspired by these lines above! That within few seconds of me reading these lines. I just couldn’t stop myself from writing something about it which I personally thought was worth it, while I am building my story of my life!

I always wanted to have a life of a prince. No worries. No tensions. No problems. Only fun. Only enjoyment. Only laughter. But do you think it is practically possible to lead your life in this manner?

Well! It is definitely not impossible. But, at the same not so easy to be practically possible. If you ask me an answer for this question. I would rather say. There is no harm in giving it a try to write a such story of your life.

I would like to note down few impressions of my life which are unforgettable and revolve around the quote I mentioned about!

First Impression of my story of life:

While, I always want to lead such a life! Which until years back from now was not the way as I had imagined it to be. Wondering how? No doubt, I had an awesome childhood until I came to my high school or early college life. Then came in flood of problems in my family (Which I would refer to be the cost I paid for the story of my life).

In return, to which made me learn the best lesson of my life, that..

God will always be by my and my family side. Because of which all the flood that came to shatter us into bits and pieces got shattered indeed.” and so no matter what!

Cast your burden

“Cast your burden to the Lord, and he will take care of you – Psalm 55:22“.

Second Impression of my story of life:

Is in this phase of my life! Which began 2 years back until now, and present where I stand as of now. The phase which I feel was never a cake walk. Lose of my father during the early days-when my career had just begun (Never had even imagined of it in the most wildest of my dreams this would even happen). But, this did happen. This incident shattered my family completely.

But, my belief in God Almighty! and the hope I had in God that he will never let his children suffer. Led me to be the person I am today. A happy independent person leading my family at a very young age and doing it successfully. All this has happened truly by the grace of our lord god alone! My millions thanks, praise and worship to God would be of no use. To the amount of strength, courage, and wisdom he imbibed in me in all the days that followed there after.

In the day when I cried out, you answered me, and made me bold with strength in my soul. - Psalm 138:3

Because of which, I would never fail to say this statement in my story of life, that..

“God is the creator of everything! He is the beginning and the end. He will lead you! he will guide you! He will be your guiding light, in times of trouble! All that I am today, is because of him and will continue to be for the days to come.”

Moral: No matter what comes in your life. Never give up! Everything that you do in your life counts. It surely does cost you for the things you do or not do. Always remember to make it worthwhile! Make it count! Lead a healthy and eventful life that can be cherished.

Build an awesome story of your life! 🙂

Happy Reading! 🙂

Be Strong!

Well. In this post I would like to talk about all that I think, which makes one Be Strong!

It is something, that I have been doing these days. This is what life has taught me in a very harsh way though! But, I am thankful of it. It has made me realize the very fact that how strong I am!

Yes, most of us do come across such instances where in there is simply no other go for you. Than to Be Strong and Move On!

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice” – Bob Marley

Many adversities or problems or situations does occur in our life. It may be anything (varies from person to person). So when it occurs, does it mean its the end of your life? You can never overcome it? It’s highly impossible for you to get back to normal once again?

What do you do in such situations??

Sit back and keep worrying about it?  – This will not solve the problem. Instead, it would worsen the problem more! 

Instead, get back on your toes! Be Strong! say to yourself these words (sounds silly, but really works! it did for me at least) “You cannot breakdown! You need to get strong and get going. Start fresh again. There is nothing that can be break you down!” Definitely, saying these to yourself will surely help you to overcome the problem and Move On!

Thinking to quit your life for the problem that has occurred?  – This would be a foolish thing to do! Just don’t waste it by being coward and quit things off!

Instead, Life is just once! Be Strong! Try to embrace it. Be hopeful. Start reading some motivational quotes, books, you will not only start reading it but will undoubtedly start loving it. This will for sure make you feel better and will help you overcome your problems and Move On!

Questioning yourself as to why did this happen to me only? – Well, the answer to this question is still unknown to many. Only if you discover an answer to this the problem wont get solved!

Instead, of asking this question. You can definitely get back on it. Be Strong! and say “Whatever has happened was bound to happen and so it did. Now, I need to work on it to make it better and I will surely do it!” Find it by your own, how talking to yourself and believing in yourself  will help you come out of any adversity and Be Strong and Move on! Haha Oh

Conclusion: “Have I not commanded you Be Strong! and Courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discourages, for the Lord your God is with you always!” – Joshua 1:9

And always! don’t forget to believe in yourself. Because true strength of an individual is only known and nurtured by one’s own self and not by anyone else!

Once, you have mastered to value yourself and believing in yourself! No doubt. You become strong by your own! You will not even get to know about it. Things around you will start to change. Problems revolving around you will start disappearing. Life will get much better and smoother.

Which of the above questions are more frequently ?

Thoughts on Be Strong! was it useful to you?

Disclaimer: The above written article are truly based on my own experience. (Talking to yourself and saying positive things to yourself. May sound silly, but it does work wonders if done with sheer positive and self belief. Well, it did work for me though! 🙂 )


Every Friend was once a Stranger!

This post is very close to me!

As this is something, I have experienced and felt it to be important for everyone else also to know and treasure the true essence of friendship!

Has anyone ever thought about this phenomenon, that every friend we have now was once only a stranger to us!?

Yes, when any person is a stranger, why do you think we talk to each other, laugh at each other, cry for each other and build this beautiful relationship called Friendship?

Basically, it’s because we tend to share a priceless bond which is truly unique between any two individuals! Isn’t it??

For an instance, let me speak about two friends Eric and Jennifer!

Eric was a person who was busy with every other aspect of his own life and Jennifer was truly gem of a person! who would always keep Eric as priority no matter what situation she was!

It’s almost been, more than a year they both have moved from being a Stranger! to a Very Best of Friends!

(Being a good friend is definitely not a simple thing to do right? Where there is friendship, there surely is expectations, disappointments and huge mix of feelings that rush through within any individuals who value this beautiful relationship of friendship!)

Eric and Jennifer both used to work in the same office. But, because of various reasons it always so happened that Eric would speak with every other person in the office except for that of Jennifer.

For whole one year, Jennifer faced this same negligence from Eric! Finally, one fine day Jennifer lost her control and said Eric, if this was the case and if he felt ashamed of talking with her in front of everyone else in office, then please stop pretending of being a very good friend of her!

Eric was terrified with these words that Jennifer had just told him. He was never pretending of being her very good friend! Just like Jennifer even Eric had the same feelings for her as a very good friend! But, always failed to showcase the same at their workplace! (which was the reason Jennifer was hurt terribly) .

It was at this moment! Eric realized what mistake he was repeatedly doing and never rectified it.

The moment he understood it, Eric confessed about his mistakes and what he was doing all these days at workplace of neglecting her was wrong and he was guilty of it! He tried to convince Jennifer and asked to give one chance to rectify his mistakes! But, Jennifer was so hurt by Eric that she even after trying to forgive Eric and give him a second chance. It was getting difficult for her to get back to normal behavior with Eric (for the very fact she didn’t want to get hurt again).

But, Eric didn’t lose hope and continued to speak with Jennifer explaining her how much he really valued her as a Very Good Friend of his and never pretended to be one!

After all that Eric said to Jennifer, she was finally convinced and Eric made it a point to never hurt Jennifer ever again. Thus, a very beautiful relationship of friendship between these two continued for their lifetime! 🙂

Moral: Never, ever, at any given moment of time, take things lightly with a friend who you feel is truly valuable in your life! Whenever, you come across a situation where you feel that you think of parting your ways from the other! and be strangers again?

Then, Think!! If at all you wanted to part your ways, why two strangers ever chose to be friends?

It’s very difficult to find a true friendship in someone!

Once you find it, no matter what adversities occur among you’ll! Try to sort it out and rectify your mistakes and for sure things will get better and normal again!

It’s rightly said,

“Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them” – Anna Taylor

Disclaimer: Names mentioned in the article are truly fictional.

Hope! Very Complicated at the same time Very Very Simple!

Hope! Hope and Hope!

We do hear people around us saying all the time whenever we are facing some adversities in our life and all sorts of troublesome things happening with us!

Let me explain you this illustration of a very personal experience of mine!

We all come across this situation in our life. Where we are really not understanding anything that is happening in and around us..! And every now and then we will be get this one question in our mind.. (at least I did get this question in my mind)

What the hell is happening with me man….?? (Very frustrated with everything in and around me)

And then, suddenly I get a very good friend of yours who from nowhere just comes by and listen to all that I had to say about whats happening with me!

And .. said me this one most famous thing said in the whole universe!

HOPE my friend! (Quietly murmured in a very low tone)

Then went on to convince me about everything that had happened and was happening!

And started saying!!

Don’t worry, there is definitely a day in your life which will come and you will have no worries, nothing that will be ever troubling you around and I in no time, stopped him and started asking him!

What the hell are you even trying to tell me?? (with almost no patience to listen to what he was saying at all)

(And without even allowing him further say anything)

I said him. Please stop! Don’t tel me all these shitty things. I don’t want to listen to all that. I do know all this will happen, I have kept on hearing this thing will happen! that thing will happen!! But, when will it all really happen?? (Shattered him with all the cylinders of questions I could burst with)

(And then controlling my frustration, said him in a very low tone) Just tell me what should I do now??

And, then guess what he said!?

(With all the patience once could ever have) He told me this one simple thing what he had murmured just a while ago!

HOPE my friend! (Ha-ha-ha….. I instantly started laughing at him in a very sarcastic way)

(He didn’t stop! and said) You need to just have HOPE! and move on with courage and determination, in a direction of achieving every single thing you want to achieve in this world my friend! That’s all you got to do.

At that very moment, only thing that struck my mind was!

(How can he be so sure about what he was saying? Should I really listen to what he is saying? Will this really work for me? Can I really do this?)

All these questions struck my mind. All I did at that time was I kept quiet.

But, what happened next as the days passed by and all I did was kept on being hopeful about what my friend had told me started working in the same line.

You wont believe, it actually worked for me! I really… enjoyed my life from then on!

That single moment and words spoken by my friend changed me completely!


It’s true that! Nothing good is impossible to achieve in this world. Any reasonable thing that comes to your mind and stick on to it with HOPE and determination along with positive attitude. Believe in what you want to achieve. You will eventually achieve it! Things do change! Life does become a beautiful place to stay!

Hope you have liked this short story of mine!

Happy reading! 🙂