Well, it’s true. I know the topic of this article seems to be a little funny on its own! 😀 But, request you’ll to bear with me for this. Hope you will like it once your done reading it.

To be frank. I got this thought of writing something on “Chutney” when I was eating “Dosa” today morning. For a moment, I felt it to be so true.

It’s for sure. Every one of us will be having ups and downs rite. Happy and sad moments undoubtedly will be there.

But, on the contrary. I Just gave it a thought. How would it be. If I had a life which neither had any happiness nor sadness in it [In short: No emotions]. If I had a life where there were neither ups nor downs in it [How on earth would I even understand the true essence of life]. 

Having said all this. When I thought about having a “Dosa” without “Chutney”. I jumped into my imaginary world. And started imagining and started considering Breakfast, Dosa and Chutney to actually be metaphors.

Breakfast: Life

Dosa: Me

Chutney: Mixture of all things that happen to me during the course of my Life

It’s a complete cycle. Only when all these three are in place. Everything is just perfect. If one misses out. Rest others will have no meaning to it. 

In short. Life is complete only when you have got all the mixture of things that happen along side your day-to-day activities. So, Remember.

Only, if Chutney is there with Dosa. Meal will definitely be appetizing and delightful. 

Disclaimer: Based on my personal experience. I have just tried to be a little creative in expressing my thought about how life is tasteless if there is no proper mixture of situations and memories to it.


Steps to buy a CAR!! Difference between Rich and Middle Class in a humorous way – Want to know? Read till the end! :)

Ah!! who on this earth do not want to own a car??

Common! Every other person would have a dream of having one for sure right??

Steps to Buy a Car:

Let me consider two scenarios and explain.

Scenario 1: Rich and wealthy man – he has this huge dump of money with him so much that .. Okay okay .. let me tell it this way!

Step 1 – Walks into a Car showroom looks for the Car he wants to buy and signs a heavy cheque.

And then, BOOM!!!

Car is at his home within no time!! 😀  (with no offense to anyone around)

Scenario 2: Middle class man – he has this huge huge dream in the backyard of his mind that “One fine day I will definitely buy this car (when he sees a car which he had dreamt off to buy from a very long time).

Then, the day has come! he has made up his mind to buy a CAR!!

And, what you think will be the steps for him to buy car??

Here it goes!

Step 1 – He will first look into all his savings he has done years/months/days together till date and calculates total money he can put to purchase the car and will discover that he has fallen short of money to buy the car.

Step 2 – He then looks into all the possible ways to fill this gap of money he has discovered.

Step 3 – He then steps into every other bank to give him a finance to purchase his car.

Step 4 – Finally, discovers the bank of his choice to pay him the shortfall of money.

So you think the story ends here??? he has purchased the CAR of his dreams????

No!!! this doesn’t end here.. to know when it will end.. look into Step 5

Step 5 – Once the bank agrees to finance him for car loan. He will go and have a talk with showroom sales person about the car he wants to buy.

Step 6 – Runs through all the essential formalities between bank and the showroom and pay the total amount to purchase a car in the form of DD/RTGS/Cheque done through the bank which has paid the loan amount.

Ahhhh!!! there you go!! after having done all this circus of getting a car.

The day has finally come and the CAR of his dream is at his home!!! 🙂

Moral of the Story: No matter how rich or poor you are. All it takes to buy a car these days is – shear commitment to own one and then do all the right ways it takes to have it with you. 

Commitment and perseverance is all that matters!!