Hey folks..

Wondering what could be the reason behind this title of Motivational Monday article?

Well, all my fellow Indian bloggers would surely know about this famous sweet dish.

To every other fellow blogger friends who do not know. It is one of its kind, mouth watering and relishing sweet dish.

Of which, I can guarantee you that no two piece of Jalebi can ever be same.

Let me just walk you through a quick conversation today between two Jalebi’s (Happy & Sweety).

Happy: Hey.. I am Happy. May I know your name?

Sweety: Hey Happy.. I am Sweety.

Happy: That’s a very nice name. I just now landed on this earth. Our creator just created me by squeezing me, soaking me and then finally fried me in a burning heat vessel of oil and left me on this plate and said live your life.

Sweety: Nice to know that. You know, that’s how even I landed on this plate just a while ago.

Happy: Why do you think we have to go through all of these soaking, squeezing and frying process before we are let to live on this plate?

Sweety: Well, according to me that’s the whole reason why you are so sweet today.

If not for all that what our creator did for you and me. Then, we would be tasteless. And had no value at all..

Happy: Hmm.. I agreee. That’s so true.

Happy: Hey sweety, listen. As we know, we have a very short life span on this plate.

I want to really enjoy and spend every minute we have to the fullest. Can we be with each other for the rest our life and spread sweetness through our living? Just the way we do even after we die?

Sweety: Why not? We can definitely do that. In fact I feel everyone of us on this earth should be exactly doing what you just said.

(It was roughly an hour to this conversation between Happy and Sweety and it ended when they both got burried into the mouth of a foodie)

They did exactly what they thought of and spread the sweetness through out their existence with every other Jalebis they met.

If you notice something from this conversation above.

It was nearly an hour they got to live in their tiny world. And within such a short span. They created this beautiful awareness of being sweet and spreading sweetness in and around them. Just the way they do even after they die.

Well, all this while this is what I meant when I said about Jalebis, Creator, Plate and all of it.

Jalebi – Any human being it could be you or me.

Creator – Our Lord almighty. Who created us on this earth.

Squeezing, Soaking and Frying – Every rough patch in our life. We. Get squeezed by loads of Burden. Get soaked with Tensions. Get fried with the Situations.

Plate – Place we live our day-to-day life.

Whole moto of this story was to make each one of us realize that there will be burdens, there will be tensions and there will be situations that can break us down or even shatter us to the extent that we barely think if we can even live our life happily?

But, here is the catch.

Just like, no two Jalebis can ever be of same shape none of us in this world are same.

We all have our piece of troubles and situations. But just like Happy and Sweety, even after being soaked, squeezed and fried. If we can even think to spread sweetness and happiness in the place we live. It will never go in vain.

The moments of sweetness we share with every other person. Will always remain and be a boon to us. Which will in turn help us lead a peaceful and happy life.

Just like these Jalebis, irrespective of any shape they are in they will always succeed in being sweet no matter what.

So those moments of sweetness you spread when you live will remain with others even after you leave this world forever as sweet memories.

Happy Jalebi Reading ❀️

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Disclaimer: Everything said above is purely based on my thoughts and nothing personal. Names considered are fictional and not concerning to anyone in real. Photo Courtesy – Pixabay.

Top 5 Sunglasses

Top 5 Aviator Sunglasses under 2000 Rs.

Sunglasses. As it is one thing which I am fond of buying it lately. Let me begin with this post as I have done a lot of search on different sites to find the best fit within 2000 INR.

And if your thinking that this is the wrong time to post about Sunglasses since winter is nearing and all? Well, as per the earlier trend or tradition it was most expected to be sold the maximum or used most commonly in summer season.

But, things have changed lately. It doesn’t necessarily require a season to wear and flaunt your sunglasses out there!

It’s so true, since there is no bar on climate changes in recent days. So is the case with sunglasses. You can wear it all the time. Yes, 365 days and round the clock.

Since, we now know that there is no bar on wearing your very own sunglasses or glares. Why wait let’s get started then.

Below are some of the Brands and Styles that I liked the most well within the range of 2000 Rs from Amazon.

Style: Aviator

  • I would definitely go for this since it is evergreen style segment of Aviator
  • Aviator style most commonly fits in for the guys with Oval or rectangular shaped face

( In my upcoming posts, I would definitely recommend sunglasses for different face structures – stay tuned and drop your suggestions in comments if you have any questions in particular. I will try to address it at the earliest ❀ )

#1 – Brand: IDEE

IDEE Gradient Aviator Men’s Sunglasses

MRP Price: 2,250.00 Discounted Price: 1,912.00

This, I would preferably go for it if I my budget falls under 2000 Rs and I want everything under this budget. Then, I would probably spend this amount on it. Since, it would be worth it as it comes with great styling and with robust framework.

Quality aspects remains undoubtedly the best. As I have used IDEE framework and glasses and I still have those with me in a very good condition. So if your planning to buy this for any tripping with friends or for daily use. It does fits in for all your purposes.

#2 – Brand: Titan

Titan Polarized Aviator Men’s Sunglasses

MRP Price: 2,999.00 Discounted Price: 1,790.00

This sunglasses, I found it worth buying based on its brand value, quality, polarized glasses and also the customer reviews of the product.

Hence, would definitely go for it. If my budget would be anywhere till 2000 Rs.

#3 – Brand: Fastrack

Fastrack UV Protected Aviator Men’s Sunglasses

MRP Price: 2,099.00 Discounted Price: 1,566.00

This again would be a good budget buy for me along with the best of brand in place.

Only drawback of this product when compared to the other sunglasses we spoke above would be that the polarized glasses are not available in this.

If I was not a big fan of polarized glasses. Then this would be the one for me with latest thin framework with faded blunt edges on top.

#4 – Brand: Fastrack

Fastrack Gradient Aviator Men’s Sunglasses

MRP Price: 1,899.00 Discounted Price: 1,409.00

This, I would preferably go mainly because of its brand value, quality, polarized glasses and also based on my budget. If I am restricted with the budget of 1500 Rs.

Then, for me I would definitely consider this to be the best buy. Since, even this has a polarized glasses with the styling of Aviator framework.

#5 – Brand: Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans UV Protected Aviator Unisex Sunglasses

MRP Price: 2,199.00 Discounted Price: 1,209.00

This would be my ideal choice if only I was the person who wouldn’t like any dark colors or would prefer lighter shades over the darker ones. If I would love to look more mature and at the same time be cool. And again not a big fan of polarized sunglasses.

Then, this would be an ideal fit for me. That is well under my budget of 2000 Rs.

If you have come long way until the end of this post. I assume and hope so that you have liked these suggestions.

If you did, then please do drop your insights on the it. So that it keeps me motivated to write many more like these in days to come. Please do like and share it as much as you can. Since, you know sharing is caring right? πŸ˜‰

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Happy Life-styling πŸ™‚

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