What food did you have today?!

Hmm.. this is one question which we all are very familiar with right?? 😊

If not? Then keep guessing! You will eventually know who will ask this question without fail on a daily basis!

Yes! In this world. Everyone is power packed with busy and hectic schedule we miss out on many things to do. One of which is food. Which we all easily skip, if there is any meeting scheduled. If there is any priority task to be done. If there is something that has to fill in and no time to do it. Then best replacement slot is food time! 

Guess what!? 

We may or may not remember to have food in our so called “Busy Schedule”. 

But, this person will never forget to ask you about What food you have today? and remind you about having your food time to time!

Still guessing? 

Haha.. who doyou think it would be? your soul mate? your best friend? 

Continue questioning yourself and read further! 

It may so happen. After a very busy and tiring day. You step into your home and?

Series of questions will start flowing. 

  • Wife – What did you get for me today? (Though many will be fortunate enough to get a wife who cares a lot and also ask this question to you! But, still your not right with this guess! You’ll know it by the end of this article! I am sure you wouldn’t deny on it! 😉 )
  • Son – Did you get my sports kit?
  • Daughter – Did you get the doll I had told about?
  • Dad – How much did you save today?

    But, let the whole universe turn upside down! There is one person who will selflessly. Without anything else running around in mind, except for one thing to ask you is?

    Mom – What food did you have today? 

    Did you ever notice thing? Trust me! This is true across the globe! Mom is the best gift to humanity and more importantly a best gift, best friend and a best companion to her child. 

    No matter what! She will never ever forget to ask you this thing of What food did you have today? 

    She doesn’t really care of how much work you did today? 

    How much did you earn today? 

    How much did you save today? 

    Did you get her anything that she had told you to? 

    Nothing at all! Only thing that matters to her is YOU! and Your well being! 

    Moral: Come what may! Always remember. Never hurt your mother who would sacrifice her own self and every other thing in this world only for the sake of you and for you to be content and happy in your life! 

    Never let her down under any circumstances! 

    Always remember to love your mom, care for your mom and be there for her whenever she requires you the most! 

    Do you also feel the same about your mother?

    Did she not ask you this question relating to food?

    Happy Reading folks! 😊