How to be Strong


Hey folks..

Good Morning.. let’s begin our day with a dose of motivational drug into our system, which can keep us energetic and motivated for the rest of our week 🙂

So, How many of you’ll have observed the scenic beauty of mountains while your travelling across different cities by road, rail or airways?

Well, the objective here is not which mode of transportation you use to travel across places. But, objective is that amazing beauty of mountains that we observe during any of such travels.

Best travel spot to witness this scenic beauty of mountains is ghats section. Correct me if I am wrong with this. Don’t you feel that its such a beautiful place where you enjoy the beauty of mountains surrounding you?

Yes, for me it definitely is one of the most beautiful places..

I would like to travel again and again just to witness such scenic beauty of nature amidst so many wonderful mountains and everything on and around it.

Well, Coming to the core of today’s topic. Can there be any better example other than these mountains to show the real essence of being strong?

To sum it up in short – These mountains are literally split into two at times – to create roadways or railways. It witnesses huge land slides. In places of volcanoes, it bares the brutal heat of lava flowing on top of it. It witnesses the changing weather conditions (scorching heat, heavy rainfall, snowfall and so on..) 24*7 and 356 days.

Even after facing every single bit of it on every single day. Does it fail to mesmerize you with its serene beauty? Never right.

And that is the best thing which we need to learn and incorporate in our lives too.

Often we see that we come across many difficult situations in our day-to-day life. We breakdown. We get upset. We start getting irritated. Start being annoyed of every single thing around us.

But, instead of reacting in such a way that it disrupts us more and more..

Why can’t we actually stand still and face the situations with upright face, with the bright smile that trashes away every situation and give us the courage required to overcome any situation and live our life to the fullest?

I have always believed and tried to follow this one point on being strong. No matter what happens.

If you can smile even through your troubles even after being in the worst possible situations and you give a try to overcome it.

Then it is the true sign of you being the strongest of all.


Never let anything break you down or shatter you to pieces. Always remember that no trouble or situation is any way bigger than who you really are.

Make every trouble around you look smaller in front of you and chase them all with a beautiful smile on your face. Then you will see how everything around you turns out to be the best you could ever imagine 🙂

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