We all have conflicts with the one’s we love and care about the most!

Let’s first think why will this conflict ever occur?

It is the only reason because of which most of the conflicts occur nowadays.

Fine, we know these conflicts occur because of expectations. But, what happens later is important.

What do you do when you come across such conflicts?

Best thing to do at that time is. Give it a thought why did anything like that happened? Once you do that, make an honest attempt to speak clearly and openly with the person with whom you are having any conflict.

Eventually talking openly with the people you care and love eases out all the conflicts when you step in to talk 50% of the conflict is already solved and when you make an honest attempt to clear the conflict by having a thought to make the other person understand what you’re saying or vice versa. The conflict will for sure get resolved.

To keep it very simple and straight!

Let me explain with a short example. Consider there are 2 people by name Eric and Jennifer! They both are best of friends. They love to hang out with each other and have a very good bonding.

One fine day, Lets say.

Day 1: Eric fails meeting Jennifer’s expectation of wishing her on her Birthday for some reason!

Jennifer is now hurt that Eric missed wishing him on her Birthday!

Day 2: Now, Jennifer is waiting for Eric to realize it and convince her about it. But, Eric is stuck with some really unavoidable work because of which Eric is not able to contact Jennifer or talk her on her B’day and the very next day of her B’day!

If you understand, Jennifer is already deeply hurt. Conflict in her mind has already rooted too deep and she is completely involved into it.

Day 3: Eric meets Jennifer and greets her a belated birthday wishes! Explains Jennifer about the situation he was into. Because of which it was not possible for him to wish her on her B’day!

If you closely observe what just happened. All the conflicts that was running around in Jennifer’s mind disappeared because Eric made an attempt to talk with Jennifer of what exactly was the problem because of which he couldn’t meet her expectations!


One should always try to understand each other point of view when your into conflicts and avoid getting into defensive mode. but, instead try understanding each others point of view.

Eventually, conflicts get resolved and happy time continues to flourish thereafter!

How many of you encounter such situations? Do you go out there and speak with one you have any conflicts? Is this how even you resolve your conflicts?

Please stop by and comments your thoughts on it! πŸ™‚

Happy Reading! πŸ™‚


My Daily Routine!

What is the common thing. That we all are lost in this busy world we live in?

Ever wondered? What it could be??

Woooah!! Hold on .. too many questions are being bombarded all at once! Too hard to handle?

Haha.. No worries! Let me just begin with the topic without any further ado.

Well, to begin with. I am a person who is very much involved in a very busy Routine!

Yes! it is all about Routine!

What is this “Routine” all about??

I would rather give the real life examples or situations to explain this!

We all follow a set of routine from the time we are born! Wondering how could this be even possible?! πŸ˜€

Well, Let me explain you about it.

When as a Baby:


  • Wakes up!
  • Cry and Laugh!
  • Hungry and Eat!
  • Potty! πŸ˜€
  • Hungry and Eat!
  • Cry and Laugh!
  • Sleep! and the cycle of routine until he/she could be able to start walking and talking!


When at School/College:

school and college

  • Wake up!
  • Morning Routine!
  • Breakfast!
  • School/College classes (Monday to Saturday)!
  • Studies and Games!
  • Friends and Hangouts!
  • Dinner!
  • Sleep! and the cycle of routine until you step into Bachelor – Work Life!


When at Office:


  • Wake up!
  • Morning Routine!
  • Breakfast!
  • Traffic while going to office!
  • Office (Monday to Friday!)
  • Parties (Saturday and Sunday!)
  • Traffic while going back home!
  • Dinner!
  • Sleep! and the cycle of routine until you step into Parent Hood!


When in Old Age:

old age

  • Wake up!
  • Morning Routine!
  • Breakfast of you along with your family!
  • Spend time with your children and their kids!
  • Attend all the family functions!
  • Dinner!
  • Sleep! and the cycle of routine continues till the end!

This sums it all. Routine is part and parcel of everyone’s life!

Having known about all the Routine! at different phases of life. Let us also know..

Why do you Like or Hate your Routine!?

For pragmatic reasons, I love the routine. I love the structure of it. I love knowing that my days are free. I know where I’m going at night. I know my life is kind of orderly. I just like that better.

– Andrea Martin

Well, in my opinion. Routine is something inevitable. It cannot be avoided from our life no matter what!

When you follow the right Routine! It gives you more structured way of life. Keeps you organized and focused on what you want in your life! By doing this, you start liking it!

Routine! will let you live a conventional life!

It will make your life robotic in nature! In simple words you would not have any stories to tell from your life.

But! when you let your Routine! overshadow your life and happiness. You eventually start hating it!

Let me just speak about the quote I read about Routine! written by Henry Van Dyke!

As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the soul will not emerge.

– Henry Van Dyke

Exactly! We should never let our routine dictate the way we live.

Sometimes! We need to step out of our Routine! and Start living your life to the fullest!

Now, How would you start living your life to fullest along with following your Routine!?

A) Give yourself sometime apart from the daily Routine!

  • It gives you more flexibility.
  • Reduce monotony and the feeling of sameness of your daily life

B) Start thinking with a creative perspective!

  • It will let you open up the possibility to adjust your activities to your moods.
  • You can lead to new streams of creativity
  • You can make your life overall more exciting and interesting

C) Go Travel! Explore new places!

  • No doubt, It will definitely make you feel better deviating from your Routine!
  • You will start seeing the new phase of life. How different it is apart your daily Routine!

D) Hangout with different people!

  • It will let you know what is others point of view on the things you know.
  • You will start exploring and learn all new things that you never knew even existed!



To sum it all, I would just like to quote the most valuable saying I had read about Routine!

Habit and routine have an unbelievable power to waste and destroy.

– Henri de Lubac

In short, Routine! is the best thing to have. Provided you don’t let it stop you from living your life and enjoying it!

Happy Reading! πŸ™‚

Please feel free to stop by and drop your comments or feedback if any! Would love to stay connected! πŸ™‚

Story of your life!

Remember there is cost for every story in your life. A cost for making your story better. A cost for not making your story better. And it’s you who will have to pay for it. So decide carefully, what you want. Which story you want to tell.

– Savi Sharma

Ah! such an amazing lines written by the best-selling author of “Everyone Has a Story” and “This is Not Your Story” – Savi Sharma.

“Remember there is cost for every story in your life. A cost for making your story better. A cost for not making your story better.” – This part of the quote which shook me the most!

Ever wondered? Ever thought about What impact does it have on you? What impact does your life has over others surrounding you? What story are you building out of your life? Is the story your building worth it? Will you be able to cherish all that you have done throughout your life until now?

And the series of questions just roll on and on! once you start thinking in this line of building your story of life!

I was so inspired by these lines above! That within few seconds of me reading these lines. I just couldn’t stop myself from writing something about it which I personally thought was worth it, while I am building my story of my life!

I always wanted to have a life of a prince. No worries. No tensions. No problems. Only fun. Only enjoyment. Only laughter. But do you think it is practically possible to lead your life in this manner?

Well! It is definitely not impossible. But, at the same not so easy to be practically possible. If you ask me an answer for this question. I would rather say. There is no harm in giving it a try to write a such story of your life.

I would like to note down few impressions of my life which are unforgettable and revolve around the quote I mentioned about!

First Impression of my story of life:

While, I always want to lead such a life! Which until years back from now was not the way as I had imagined it to be. Wondering how? No doubt, I had an awesome childhood until I came to my high school or early college life. Then came in flood of problems in my family (Which I would refer to be the cost I paid for the story of my life).

In return, to which made me learn the best lesson of my life, that..

God will always be by my and my family side. Because of which all the flood that came to shatter us into bits and pieces got shattered indeed.” and so no matter what!

Cast your burden

“Cast your burden to the Lord, and he will take care of you – Psalm 55:22“.

Second Impression of my story of life:

Is in this phase of my life! Which began 2 years back until now, and present where I stand as of now. The phase which I feel was never a cake walk. Lose of my father during the early days-when my career had just begun (Never had even imagined of it in the most wildest of my dreams this would even happen). But, this did happen. This incident shattered my family completely.

But, my belief in God Almighty! and the hope I had in God that he will never let his children suffer. Led me to be the person I am today. A happy independent person leading my family at a very young age and doing it successfully. All this has happened truly by the grace of our lord god alone! My millions thanks, praise and worship to God would be of no use. To the amount of strength, courage, and wisdom he imbibed in me in all the days that followed there after.

In the day when I cried out, you answered me, and made me bold with strength in my soul. - Psalm 138:3

Because of which, I would never fail to say this statement in my story of life, that..

“God is the creator of everything! He is the beginning and the end. He will lead you! he will guide you! He will be your guiding light, in times of trouble! All that I am today, is because of him and will continue to be for the days to come.”

Moral: No matter what comes in your life. Never give up! Everything that you do in your life counts. It surely does cost you for the things you do or not do. Always remember to make it worthwhile! Make it count! Lead a healthy and eventful life that can be cherished.

Build an awesome story of your life! πŸ™‚

Happy Reading! πŸ™‚

Fear to Express? Better not!

Undoubtedly. There is no one in this world who has not come across a situation in which they had a problem to express themselves!

Isn’t it true?

Yes of course! So what do you do when you come across such a situation?

There are only 2 things you can do in such a situation.

  • Keep quite. Don’t express your point of view.
  • Step out. Be bold. Express your point of view.

Let me explain these things to you!

Keep quite. Don’t express your point of view!

If you do this, then you can never express your thoughts and views on anything you would like to say or express.


Your thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings are succumbed into yourself and are buried deep down within you.

Instead, why not do this?

Step out. Be bold. Express your point of view!

If you do this, then the sense of satisfaction you get when you express yourself is incomparable with anything else!

And by doing this. You are not just keeping your thoughts, ideas or any other thing you want to speak out to yourself. But you speak and share you point of view to others.


All that you think, your ideas, emotions and feelings are not just to restrained to yourself. But, others as well are well aware of it now. The feeling of having contributed to something and sharing your point of view in a situation whenever required. Is something that is worth while!

” You’ve got to express yourself in life, and it’s better out than in. What you reveal, you heal”

Chris Martin


So what do you want to do next time you come across such a situation?

Will you opt to express your point of view or not?

Do share your thoughts on this! Happy Reading! πŸ™‚

What food did you have today?!

Hmm.. this is one question which we all are very familiar with right?? 😊

If not? Then keep guessing! You will eventually know who will ask this question without fail on a daily basis!

Yes! In this world. Everyone is power packed with busy and hectic schedule we miss out on many things to do. One of which is food. Which we all easily skip, if there is any meeting scheduled. If there is any priority task to be done. If there is something that has to fill in and no time to do it. Then best replacement slot is food time! 

Guess what!? 

We may or may not remember to have food in our so called “Busy Schedule”. 

But, this person will never forget to ask you about What food you have today? and remind you about having your food time to time!

Still guessing? 

Haha.. who doyou think it would be? your soul mate? your best friend? 

Continue questioning yourself and read further! 

It may so happen. After a very busy and tiring day. You step into your home and?

Series of questions will start flowing. 

  • Wife – What did you get for me today? (Though many will be fortunate enough to get a wife who cares a lot and also ask this question to you! But, still your not right with this guess! You’ll know it by the end of this article! I am sure you wouldn’t deny on it! πŸ˜‰ )
  • Son – Did you get my sports kit?
  • Daughter – Did you get the doll I had told about?
  • Dad – How much did you save today?

    But, let the whole universe turn upside down! There is one person who will selflessly. Without anything else running around in mind, except for one thing to ask you is?

    Mom – What food did you have today? 

    Did you ever notice thing? Trust me! This is true across the globe! Mom is the best gift to humanity and more importantly a best gift, best friend and a best companion to her child. 

    No matter what! She will never ever forget to ask you this thing of What food did you have today? 

    She doesn’t really care of how much work you did today? 

    How much did you earn today? 

    How much did you save today? 

    Did you get her anything that she had told you to? 

    Nothing at all! Only thing that matters to her is YOU! and Your well being! 

    Moral: Come what may! Always remember. Never hurt your mother who would sacrifice her own self and every other thing in this world only for the sake of you and for you to be content and happy in your life! 

    Never let her down under any circumstances! 

    Always remember to love your mom, care for your mom and be there for her whenever she requires you the most! 

    Do you also feel the same about your mother?

    Did she not ask you this question relating to food?

    Happy Reading folks! 😊

    Which is the best insurance plan to choose in 2017 in India?

    Well, no matter in which day, week, month or year you’re in. As of now, Investing in LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) is one of the best way to ensure you and your family that trusts and relies on you completely are safe from any financial crisis in case of any emergency or your absence due to death or any permanent disability!

    I would like to share with you one of the LIC insurance plans which I highly recommend. I would like to highlight few important points to be considered which are sufficient to opt this plan and secure yourself and your family based on your capabilities and requirements.

    Let me keep this explanation as simple as possible.

    Insurance Plan: New Jeevan Anand

    • Minimum Basic Sum Assured: Rs 1,00,000/-
    • Minimum Age at entry : 18 years (completed)
    • Maximum Age at entry : 50 years (nearest birthday)
    • Maximum Maturity Age : 75 years (nearest birthday)
    • Minimum Policy Term: 15 Years
    • Maximum Policy Term: 35 Years

    Description: Let me tell this in pointers.

    • It will provide protection to you and your family (provides financial protection against death throughout lifetime of the policy holder).
    • It is also a form of savings (provides lump sum amount you paid as premium, at the end of the selected policy term in case of his/her survival)
    • In case of any emergency in mid of policy term. Then you can also apply and take loan on this LIC Insurance.

    There are 3 types of Benefits:

    Death Benefit: On death during the policy term.

    • Sum Assured on Death, Simple Reversionary Bonuses and Final Additional Bonus is payable to the nominee.
    • Sum Assured on Death will be 125% of Basic Sum Assured or 10 times of annualised premium.
    • Example: If Basic Sum Assured is Rs. 10,00,000/- and Policy Term is 15 Years.
      • Sum Assured on Death will be 12,50,000/-

    Note: Death Benefit will not be less than 105% of all the premiums paid (Excluding Service Tax, Extra Premium and Rider Premium) as on death.

    End of Policy Term Benefit: On policy holder survival and completion of policy term with all the premiums paid on time without any due.

    • Basic Sum Assured, Simple Reversionary Bonuses and Final Additional Bonus is payable to the nominee.

    Optional Benefit: LIC Accidental death and disability benefit rider.

    • This is an optional benefit which can be availed by paying extra premium amount during the policy term.
    • In case of accidental death during policy, policy holder nominee will receive Accident Benefit Sum Assured + Basic Sum Assured
    • In case of accidental permanent disability occurs due to an accident during policy, policy holder will receive
      • Accident Benefit Sum Assured in equal monthly installments for 10 years
      • All the future premiums = Accident Benefit Sum Assured – Shall be waived off.

    Let me explain theΒ Jeevan AnandΒ Lic policy details with example for your better understanding.

    • Policy holder age as on creation of policy: 25 Years
    • Policy Term: 15 Years
    • Basic Sum Assured: Rs 10,00,000/-
    • Sum Assured on Death: Rs 12,50,000/-
    • Accident Benefit Sum Assured: Rs 10,00,000/-

    Total Approximate Paid Premium (Inclusive of all taxes): Rs 11,81,781/-

    Approximate Lic Jeevan Anand Returns at Maturity Time:

    • Basic Sum Assured: Rs 10,00,000/-
    • Simple Reversionary Bonus: Rs 6,15,000/-
    • Final Additional Bonus: Rs 20,000/-

    Total Approximate Return at Maturity Time: Rs 16,35,000/-


    Life Time Risk Cover: Rs 10,00,000/-

    Total Approximate Return: 16,35,000 + 10,00,000 = Rs 26,35,000/-

    Take away pointers:

    • Rs 14,53,219/- is total growth of money you had invested for 15 years.
    • It is 122.96% increase from the total amount of investment done for 15 years.

    Conclusion: I found this insurance plan to be more beneficial for long-term investment.

    By seeing the amount of return on investment it gives. Who on this earth would not want to invest in such kind of investment right?

    For further details on eligibility and other restrictions are available on the LIC website.

    Hope so this article has helped you in some way!

    Do let me know if you have any questions in specific to this?

    Disclaimer: This article is meant for general education purposes only. I have not considered your personal risk profile and have expressed my own opinion in this article. Premium shown above is indicative and not exact, actual premium may vary according to various rules applicable. Maturity calculation is approximate calculation done based on current rate of bonus as on today’s date.

    Be Strong!

    Well. In this post I would like to talk about all that I think, which makes one Be Strong!

    It is something, that I have been doing these days. This is what life has taught me in a very harsh way though! But, I am thankful of it. It has made me realize the very fact that how strong I am!

    Yes, most of us do come across such instances where in there is simply no other go for you. Than to Be Strong and Move On!

    “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice” – Bob Marley

    Many adversities or problems or situations does occur in our life. It may be anything (varies from person to person). So when it occurs, does it mean its the end of your life? You can never overcome it? It’s highly impossible for you to get back to normal once again?

    What do you do in such situations??

    Sit back and keep worrying about it?  – This will not solve the problem. Instead, it would worsen the problem more! 

    Instead, get back on your toes! Be Strong! say to yourself these words (sounds silly, but really works! it did for me at least) “You cannot breakdown! You need to get strong and get going. Start fresh again. There is nothing that can be break you down!” Definitely, saying these to yourself will surely help you to overcome the problem and Move On!

    Thinking to quit your life for the problem that has occurred?  – This would be a foolish thing to do! Just don’t waste it by being coward and quit things off!

    Instead, Life is just once! Be Strong! Try to embrace it. Be hopeful. Start reading some motivational quotes, books, you will not only start reading it but will undoubtedly start loving it. This will for sure make you feel better and will help you overcome your problems and Move On!

    Questioning yourself as to why did this happen to me only? – Well, the answer to this question is still unknown to many. Only if you discover an answer to this the problem wont get solved!

    Instead, of asking this question. You can definitely get back on it. Be Strong! and say “Whatever has happened was bound to happen and so it did. Now, I need to work on it to make it better and I will surely do it!” Find it by your own, how talking to yourself and believing in yourself  will help you come out of any adversity and Be Strong and Move on! Haha Oh

    Conclusion: “Have I not commanded you Be Strong! and Courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discourages, for the Lord your God is with you always!” – Joshua 1:9

    And always! don’t forget to believe in yourself. Because true strength of an individual is only known and nurtured by one’s own self and not by anyone else!

    Once, you have mastered to value yourself and believing in yourself! No doubt. You become strong by your own! You will not even get to know about it. Things around you will start to change. Problems revolving around you will start disappearing. Life will get much better and smoother.

    Which of the above questions are more frequently ?

    Thoughts on Be Strong! was it useful to you?

    Disclaimer: The above written article are truly based on my own experience. (Talking to yourself and saying positive things to yourself. May sound silly, but it does work wonders if done with sheer positive and self belief. Well, it did work for me though! πŸ™‚ )