First Day of 2018. New Beginning. New Year. Start a fresh. What is that first thing most of us will think of when it comes to New Year?


Exactly. It’s quiet common that most of us will set some goals or plans and name it as our resolution for this year. To cite a few examples based on my own experience would be.

  • I will definitely hit gym every single day from now on.
  • I will wake up early in the morning every day.
  • I should never be late to office and many more.

To tell you the fact. Almost every one of us do set some resolutions. But, how many of us. Actually follow and execute them?

I agree. To that fact that it’s never a cake walk to implement any new plans. Nut, at the same time it’s not impossible too. All it needs is sheer determination and motivation by your own-self. Until and unless, you don’t motivate yourself to push your limits and strive to achieve all that you have planned to. Thing’s will remain the same.

This new year. My resolution would be very straight forward. I have some personal goals (which I would refrain from sharing it on my blog) maybe when it’s time to share I would definitely do. Pardon me for not sharing it at this moment 🙂

But, honestly I am hopeful that I will achieve them in a period of a year or two for sure. I can say this because I believe in my father almighty. He will help me and guide me to achieve all that I have planned to and help me fulfill my resolutions in a much faster pace.

I can say this because I have known what the power Christ bestowed on me and my family all through these years.

Having said this. Would like to let everyone who is reading this article know one true fact. Never feel low if something you have planned is not getting executed. Be sure of this, every new year will bring you 12 new chapters and 365 new chances. (I will talk about this in my upcoming post) 

No matter what resolution you have set for this year. Be determined. Be motivated. Make an ardent attempt to accomplish what you planned for. Because the joy you get when you accomplish something is unmatchable.

I hope every one of you will accomplish all that you have planned and feel the real joy of accomplishment.

Happy Reading! 🙂

Good Bye 2017 & Welcome 2018.

Well, It’s finally the time to bid ‘Good Bye’ to the most wonderful year of all time to me. 2017 it is. Love you 2017. Thank you for all the good things you have done to me this year.

I am thankful to god almighty for making this year so special to me. If it was not of him. This year wouldn’t have been so special to me. I got everything that I had prayed for.

Let’s sum up all that I have learnt and got this year. In short, It was never easy. After my father expired 2 years back. It was all shattered. We were all fogged with the cloud of what next? How will we ever do anything that is in store for us in future? Will it be any easy for us to cope up with all our family needs appropriately?

Cloud of all these questions and many more were all gushing through my mind. But, at the same time. The faith I had in my Lord Jesus Christ. Built me up. Held me strong. I clung on to him with all my faith and guess what? He never let me down.

He helped me to gear up for all the things to be done now and in future. One thing I learnt and grew much stronger this year is. Have faith in Lord and keep your steps you will never stumble nor fall. This is so true. Out of all the things happened to me this year. Would like to mention about one most wonderful thing that happened. 

To give an example of how miraculously he will help us. I always knew I want to buy a car. But, how will I? No idea on it. Then, what do you think I did? First thing I did. I spoke with Lord almighty in prayer.

I told him “I badly want it and the reason for it you clearly know”.

And, the outcome of it. This year it was. 27th Jan 2017 to be precise. I had my brand new car in front of my home.

Today, I want to thank god for all things he has done to me in my life this year and all the days of my life until now.

Hopeful that the coming year 2018 will bring in much Joy and Blessings to me, my family and my friends.

Before I end my note of biding Good Bye to 2017 would like to say one last thing. You may say that you haven’t experienced any blessings in your life. But, Be sure on one thing. Be faithful to god and have hope in him as rightly quoted in one of the verse in Bible.

He is going to bring rivers into your life which is like a dessert – Isaiah 43:19

Surely, He will crown those who believe and trust in him and bring rivers of blessings in your life. Expect great things from God. What is impossible with man, it is possible with God.

Having said all this. I would like to bid Good Bye to the most amazing year 2017 and welcome  2018 with much joy, faith and hope to be more fruitful and year filled with only happiness and blessings.

I wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year! 🙂

Happy reading! 🙂