Birthday Vibes – Lady of My Dreams.

Hey folks!

It’s been a while I couldn’t be active on my blog for various reasons. So beg your pardon for that and thank you for sticking around and visiting by blog archives until now! πŸ™‚

Alright, to begin with! My flight to this earth landed on 29th June which was a day before from now and a thought or you could better say a question clung on to my mind.

Could it be possible that the lady of my dream also landed onto this tiny earth on my day or a day or two after me? You never know?

Insane right? πŸ˜€ I thought so. But, still couldn’t hold myself on expressing about it with you all. I am not sure if she will be reading this or not as of now! πŸ€”

Because, you never know where is she at this very moment? What could she be doing right now? Any guesses? Haha.. why would you make any guess about my lady of dreams.. ! Pardon me there.. πŸ™Š

Well, let me put a guessing hat.. as per me, she might be just sitting on her couch.. with her phone replying to numerous wishes she might be getting on her day .. or might be cooking something she loves .. or hanging out with her friends.. and so on.. and so forth.. I can keep chanting about her until anyone could stop me to! So before any one does, let me stop it here.. πŸ˜€

Well, alright.. enough of this beating around the bush business and let me get to the point.

I thought of writing a short lyrical prose for her today for her to read it on her birthday..

Lady! There isn’t a day, I have not thought about you. Everyday I think about you, makes me feel there is none like you.

Though we might be far a distant or near. There might be no whisper of speech, nor a blink of an eye ever.

I wish you could know that your the only one I could foresee in my dreams. I wish you a loads of happiness and love on your birthday to my lady of dreams.. ❀️

To – My Lady of Dreams.

Would love to read your thoughts on this tiny snippet about my lady of dreams in the comment section below.

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Happy Reading! πŸ™‚

Marriage – Decision Phase.

Hey guys, I apologize for not writing anything for last few days. Was stuck with loads of work in and out. Anyways, hope you all still there to read and support my writings πŸ™‚

Well, today’s post will be about the phase we go through right before marriage. As most of my friends and me are in a phase of our life, where it is very certain to get notified and be an eligible bachelor to get married. It’s quiet natural to be in the confused state of mind. As to who really is the perfect match for you right?

I hear most of my friends who say out loud that they are getting irritated with this word marriage already. Any thoughts on why this might be happening to them?

As per my understanding, I feel marriage is a very crucial phase in our life. It is such a phase which can either make or break your life. So it very important for us to be careful and choose our partner for life [our better half] very wisely.

And, when we will be in a mindset to take a call on this in a more practical way.. most of the times because of peer pressure from people around you, your relatives, family members, friends, colleagues you end up getting into a state of mind where you get a thought.

God, why do I even have to marry someone. I am doing well all by my own, why can’t everyone just leave me alone.

When you get such thought my friend, I would want you to just seclude yourself from the rest of the world. Stay calm. Sit in a place where it’s only you and no one else to disturb you at-least for sometime. Think over what is the right thing for you to do now?Β What is it that is exactly bothering you?

Is it that any pressure your feeling because of your relatives & family?

Is it that your still not ready to get married?

Is it that you’re not getting the right partner for your life?Β 

Think over it calmly, breakdown your thoughts, analyse it. When you feel your helpless you ain’t really able to figure out what to do I humbly request you to bow down before god almighty and seek his guidance. I am sure he will not let you down. In fact, what I honestly suggest everyone is please keep god in first place no matter what decisions your making in your life. Specially in decisions like marriage, it is really very important.

If you feel that you’re going through a lot of peer pressure – Just let the people who matter to you in your family, relatives or whoever it may be to let them know in what state of mind you are and what is actually bothering you. I am sure, if they care for you they will understand your point of view.

If you feel that you’re still not ready for marriage – Please make it clear to your family members about it at the same time give them a clear understanding why you feel so and by when you think you can be okay to get along with it.

If your feeling thatΒ you’re not getting the right partner – This is the most trickiest part, there can’t be a generic way of dealing with it. But, if it would be me I would pray to god and ask him to do his will for me, guide me to a person who is the right one for me. I am sure he will lead me to the right one! πŸ™‚

I am not sure, if this was of some help for you. If it was then please drop your comments and feedback’s, would love to read them πŸ™‚

Honest thoughts. Happy Reading πŸ™‚



Lady of My Dreams.

We see that everyone will always have a dream to have a perfect partner for them in their life. So that they can live happily ever after. It is always not that easy as you say. Trust me, I see and hear people saying it’s never easy to find a perfect partner.

What do you get in your mind when you say it? Well, it’s totally different for every other individual. Trust me. It’s never same. Everyone has their own perception about having a perfect partner.

Today, I would like to speak about the perfect partner I have dreamt of in my life filled with dreams.

My Lady of Dreams.

She is the one, I have always dreamt of. She is the one, with full of wisdom. She is the one, I would love to spend the rest of my life. She is the one, who would bestow all her love and care on me. She is the one, in whose eyes I can see all the love she has for me. She is the one, with whom I can be totally me. She is the one, with divine beauty. She is the one, who makes me feel proud. She is the one, who would never let me down. She is the one, who would stay by my side in tough times or happy times. She is the one, who would never leave me alone. She is the one, who would never forsake me. She is the one, strong enough to handle any situations of our life. She is the one, who will fight against all odds for me. She is the one, whom I want to love and be with for the rest of my life.

She is the one – Lady of My Dreams! ❀️

And to her, I would like to sing few lyrics of ‘Perfect by Ed Shereen’.

I found a love for me
Darling just dive right in
And follow my lead
Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

Waiting for a day to come, when I can really sing this song for you. Would love to find you soon and start my life with you and that would be the day I would say. She is the one for me.

To – My Lady of Dreams.

Happy Reading! πŸ™‚