One line Story – #2

Departed forever from you, “Is forever, really forever?” This one liner story struck my mind when one of my blogger friend thegenxtravels commented on my previous one line story and said “if forever, is really forever?” Sometimes just one line is sufficient to spill out an entire story for you. That’s the amazing power words […]


We all have conflicts with the one’s we love and care about the most! Let’s first think why will this conflict ever occur? Expectations! It is the only reason because of which most of the conflicts occur nowadays. Fine, we know these conflicts occur because of expectations. But, what happens later is important. What do […]

Every Friend was once a Stranger!

This post is very close to me! As this is something, I have experienced and felt it to be important for everyone else also to know and treasure the true essence of friendship! Has anyone ever thought about this phenomenon, that every friend we have now was once only a stranger to us!? Yes, when […]